Last week and next

Thanks to the weather staying dry I spent every morning last week working on the plot.  On Monday I had to pull up the Gardener’s Delight tomatoes which had finally succumbed to blight. However as of yesterday the Golden Queen ones were still okay.

On Thursday and Friday mornings as I arrived at the site and was walking towards the plot I saw a parakeet chomping on one of the sunflowers.  They’re rather skittish so there was no chance of taking a photograph before they flew off. I’m not the only one who see’s them on their plot as Sam mentions them in her post Parakeets and Seed Saving.

The dry weather looks set to continue through next week so one of the jobs that I’ll be doing is revamping the two planters.

The rose Fragrant Cloud in the square one is going out on the plot and I’m replacing it with narcissus Pacific Coast which will flower in March/April after which I’ll be sowing pygmy pot marigolds.

The white lavenders in the long planter are likewise going on the plot to be replaced by crocus Blue Pearl and Cream Beauty after which I’ll be sowing the same pot marigolds as above.

There are a couple of asters still to flower, the purple one is just about to and will be followed in a few weeks by the white one.

Have a good week, and happy gardening!


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16 Responses to Last week and next

  1. snowbird says:

    How lovely to see a parakeet, yes they are quick and agile. We suddenly have a few around here which is odd as I’ve never seen them in these parts before. I must say that blue crocus looks gorgeous, I’m tempted to get some for next spring.xxxxx

    • Flighty says:

      Snowbird I see them most days, usually flying over and squawking noisily. I planted 20 blue crocus today, with 20 of the cream ones, which filled the planter and I hope that they’re as good as the picture. xx

  2. menhir1 says:

    Re Parakeets, there was a bird feature on BBC Radio 4 recently where these birds and their visibility and migration habits were discussed. If my memory serves me well, there was also a suggestion that some had been pets that had gone ‘native’ in the UK.

    Your future flower arrangements sound interesting. I was not aware that there was a Pygmy Marigold. I have seen other flowers that could be thus described, which I always thought, perhaps mistakenly, were Alpines.

  3. Jo says:

    It sounds like you’ve been making lots of plans. I always have good intentions about getting some bulbs in the ground at this time of year, but I hardly ever succeed, I must try harder this year.

  4. elaine says:

    No one seems to have done very well with Gardeners Delight this year – shame, ‘cos they are usually very reliable. Like you I will be making changes in the Rosebank garden but still haven’t decided what bulbs to plant where as my container flowers are still going strong. I did save a lot of bulbs from last year but always worry that they won’t flower again so buy new ones as well – I take the belts and braces approach.

  5. wellywoman says:

    This sunshine and dry weather has been lovely. I planted some narcissi at the plot last week and have just ordered some crocus and tulip bulbs. Planning for next spring takes my mind off the fact that the garden and plot are starting to wind down now. It is surprising how busy a time of year it is. I really must get cracking at the plot this week. I’m anticipating some Chrysanths which look like they might flower at the end of the month. Narcissus ‘Pacific Coast’ is very lovely. I don’t really need any more but if I see it on my travels I may have to purchase some. Have a good week. WW

    • Flighty says:

      Welly it sure has, and I’ve been making the most of it. It seems that for all I’ve done I’ve still got lots to do. Fingers crossed for the chrysanthemums, I’m hoping to grow some next year. That’s good to know about the narcissus ‘Pacific Coast’. Ha, all gardener’s say that! Thanks, you too. xx

  6. nikkipolani says:

    Busy busy for you! The sun is shining here, too, but a little too much so absolutely no gardening for me. Fun to be planning your spring bulbs!

  7. gaiamethod says:

    Maybe the parakeets are actually breeding there now, so many having escaped from their confines!!! Well I guess it adds a another splash of colour!!!

  8. Thanks for the mention Flighty, I think that everyone is more aware of the Parakeets now and who knows, in years to come they might just be looked upon as another commonly sighted ‘British’ bird. I have got used to their continual chatter in the background whilst working on the plots. Your post has served as a great reminder to me to pick up a pack of mixed daffodil bulbs tommorow, as you quite rightly said, a little effort now will be richly rewarded next year when we will be crying out for a bit of colour to enjoy.

    • Flighty says:

      Sam hello, and you’re most welcome. I think that they already are as they’re listed in one of my garden bird books published back in 2004. As you’ll see in my next post I managed to photograph one yesterday.
      Crocus and daffodils are such a welcome sight in early spring. xx

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