Rather mixed fortunes

I started lifting the Sturon onions last week and was pleased to see that they are looking good.  Most are between golf ball and tennis ball size which is ideal for me.  There should be enough to see me well into next year.

I’ve also been digging up Charlotte and Kestrel potatoes which, not surprisingly, are smaller than usual and fewer in number.  That just leaves the red Desiree to dig up during the coming week. I guess that I’ll be lucky if the total I end up with will last me through to the end of the year.

The plot tomatoes Gardener’s Delight and Golden Queen have thankfully still not succumbed to blight but, with one exception, neither have they started ripening.

At home the tomato Red Robin has so far produced one marble sized ripe fruit which I shall eat later with a cheese sandwich.

The third sowing of runner beans that germinated and started growing have all been slugged so that’s it for this year.  They also ate this cucumber overnight which was about four inches long.

The sweet corn has grown to well over five feet and started flowering but the cobs don’t look that well developed although the silks (tassels) are showing.

I’m picking at least a bowlful of blackberries each visit, along with a bouquet of fragrant sweet peas.

Happy gardening, and don’t forget that today is World Elephant Day!

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30 Responses to Rather mixed fortunes

  1. The tomatoes look good though. Chutney if all else fails.

  2. menhir1 says:

    That looks like quite a good harvest, all things considered.


  3. It’s good to see the allotments are finally yielding something! Lucky you with the sweet peas – mine did not survive the wet,wet,wet – better luck next year I hope.

  4. David Ford says:

    I love the small fork to give the onions scale a nice touch, pleased your tatties escaped the blight.

  5. elaine says:

    I’ve just pulled my onions too – and they are about the same size as yours – not the best I’ve ever grown but at least I’ve got some. The slugs have a lot to answer for this year!

  6. Onions looking good size for one person. Mine were ok too but a few with thick stems which we are using first. Yes, all the tom plants seem to have blight here too, but I keep deleafing as soon as I see them, but fruits seem to be ok. Even some of our weeds have got some sort of disease!! But for such a bad summer it is good to get some harvest….:)

    • Flighty says:

      Cath I’d rather use one than cut it in half and have to use over two days. Fingers crossed for our tomatoes. That doesn’t surprise me this year! As a plot neighbour said to me…anything this year is a bonus. xx

  7. Jo says:

    Mixed fortunes, I think. I’ve harvested my first courgette today, I’m hoping for the usual glut, though if this year’s anything to go by, I won’t hold my breath. Just to let you know, I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award, details on my blog. I hope you will accept it but understand if you’d prefer not to. I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo both my courgette plants got slugged but since I usually give them away I didn’t try a second lot.
      Yes I’ve just read, and commented on your blog about that. Thanks for both awards, accepted with pleasure, and posts about them will follow soon. That’s nice to know! xx

  8. Its that kind of year, isn’t it Flighty. But picking sweet peas and blackberries makes for good harvests whatever else is going on! Hope your tomatoes and corn come good for you in the end.

    • Flighty says:

      Janet is sure is! Yes they certainly do.
      Thanks, I’d really like to get a few ripe Golden Queen tomatoes as these are the first ones that I’ve ever managed to grow from seed! xx

  9. Maggie says:

    I’m glad you’ve managed to avoid losing your plants to blight Flighty. x

  10. wellywoman says:

    Sounds like your doing pretty well there, Flighty despite the shocking summer. Your cucumber is looking much better than mine. They are very strange shapes which may have something to do with poor pollination. Haven’t started to pick any blackberries yet. I’m hoping they’ll ripen soon so I can use them with my first apple harvest to make a crumble.

    • Flighty says:

      Welly’ it wouldn’t look quite so good if I listed everything. You mean my cucumber looked better before the slugs ate it! That sounds good, blackberry and apple crumble has always been one of my favourites. xx

  11. Mo says:

    Onion Soup followed by Blackberry Crumble with a table centrepiece of Sweet Peas!
    Our harvest is none too healthy this year either 😦

  12. Daily trips and praying that my lottie tomatoes won’t get blight after my potatoes did

  13. Ellie says:

    Growing sufficient potatoes and onions to last you nearly a year is a huge achievement! And your blackberries are very early and I am sure I can smell your sweet peas from over here. A gardening swings and roundabouts kind of year. x

  14. nikkipolani says:

    Well, well, some good stuff coming up despite all that dreadful weather.

  15. Liz says:

    Fried green tomatoes. Love the sweet peas.

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