Sunny and warm

I’ve been busy plotting every day this week. I put the canes up then sowed the climbing beans – runner bean Red Rum, Climbing French beans Barlotto Lingua di Fuoco & Blue Lake. I sowed some sweetcorn  Swift F1, and re-sowed beetroot Detroit 2 & Golden, carrots Early Nantes & Nanco, leaf beet Rainbow Chard, salad leaves Provencale Mixed and spring onion Ishikura.

Yesterday I planted out a squash Sunburst F1, two tomato Golden Queen and three Gardener’s Delight.

Plot neighbour Trevor kindly gave me a cardoon. It doesn’t look much now but fully grown it should be rather impressive.

There are some phacelia tanacetifolia in flower, which the bees love, having self-seeded from last year.

The love-in-mist ( nigella damascena) is a really vibrant green with the flower buds just visible.

I’m well pleased to see that a nemophila maculata Five Spot has appeared on the plot for the first time as it’s a delightful flower.

I’m still sowing lots of nasturtiums and sunflowers here, there and everywhere.

Being as sunny and warm as it has it’s been thirsty work at times so I’ve been taking plenty of short breaks to sip some cool tap water from my tin mug.

Happy gardening!


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22 Responses to Sunny and warm

  1. elaine says:

    It is great to see everything planted out and the flowers coming into bloom – there is so much to see at this time of year – the sun has helped definitely – sounds like you have been hard at it – just what we have been waiting for all winter.
    p.s. Love your mug.

  2. annie_h says:

    What a gorgeous weekend, can’t believe the difference to even a week ago. Sounds like you have been busy getting things in at last. Yes think everyone will be busy planting out trying to catch up after the cool weather. I love phacelia too a lovely flower as well as being loved by bees. I’ve been planting lots of sunflowers too, I love them so cheerful.

  3. Jo says:

    What a lovely little mug. It’s great to be catching up on things whilst the warm weather’s here, though I’m having to leave it until later in the day, it’s too hot otherwise. It sounds like you’ve got plenty done this week.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I’ve had it years and being unbreakable it’s perfect for the plot. I prefer early mornings to evenings when it’s like this. Yes, I’m well pleased. xx

  4. wellywoman says:

    Hasn’t it been an amazing week? No idea whether it is meant to last. I’ve been trying to do most things in the morning or evening. There’s no shade at the allotment so I do start to wilt after a while. Although today it’s been an all-dayer and I’m feeling a little like the heat has got to me. A lie down and a long cold drink are what is needed. I’ve just put in my borlotti beans and french beans, although one gentleman said it was too early and we might still get a frost!!

    • Flighty says:

      Welly’ it sure has. It’s due to get more unsettled here during next week, just in time for the long weekend! There’s no shade on my plot either. The lie down and drink sound like a good idea to me. I hope that we’ve all seen the last of any frosts for this year! xx

  5. Glo says:

    Nice to see and hear that the sun has returned and that you have been busily tending your plot. If all goes well, you’ll have quite a harvest. Lovely to see flowers intermingled with the veggies. A very satisfying week by the sounds of it. Nice weather here also…and the peonies are in bloom 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it really has been a glorious sunny, warm week here. I sure hope that I will. There are plenty of flowers all over the plot. Definitely! That’s good, and I bet the peonies look real pretty. xx

  6. Hi Flighty, sounds like some excellent plotting. I’ve passed the plot over to Fil, who has been doing sterling work in between winding up his business and driving us to Anglesey to look at a house. I am going to miss the veg growing this year, but have plenty of plans for next.

  7. Sounds like you’re able to keep to a sensible schedule by doing a little bit every day and so have achieved a lot! Because of work, I have tried to do a bit of weeding, etc, in the evenings and, like Wellywoman, have tried to get out to the veg patch early over the weekend to avoid the 9 – 3 heatwave. Didn’t work today as there was so much to do that I kept on until midday. Your flowers look really beautiful, I hope to have some myself this summer and will keep my fingers crossed for some less breezy weather when I put my beans out!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro I’d much rather do little and often than try to a lot in one go. I much prefer early morning to the evening. Thanks I’m spending a bit more time on the flowers this year. I was worried about it being too breezy but thankful all is okay and it’s calmer now. xx

  8. nikkipolani says:

    How nice to have good weather for plotting! That nigella is really very sweet looking.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki rather too nice for me as I prefer it a bit cooler. There are several lots of nigella which should look great when it all flowers. xx

  9. Mo says:

    I do like your mug! 🙂 I am tempted to go looking for little tin mugs now. You have certainly been busy, hope everything does well 🙂

  10. Such a lot happening.

  11. gaiamethod says:

    I so envy decent crumbly soil!!! Soil here is crumbly until water is added then it becomes mud, like the mud you get at the bottom of river beds and squelches up through your toes when you get in the water!!! I always hated that feeling!!!
    Then, when it dries, it is caked hard. Its a pain to try to transplant seedlings here. You just have to plant and leave them alone. I have just planted some mangetout so hopefully they will survive the intense heat!!!! I will have to wait until winter to grow my squashes!!!! Everything is backwards here LOL.

  12. Flighty says:

    Gaiamethod so do I! It’s clay here so it either gets waterlogged or is like concrete. The allotments are pretty good thanks to all the compost and manure added over the years.
    Your comment is interesting as it shows, despite all our moans, how generally lucky we are here. xx

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