is a well known poem by W.H. Davies* that is Ellies’s favourite, and also one of mine.

With some really good weather this week I’ve been busy plotting but have still made time to stand and stare.

I did just that with the poached egg plant (limnanthes douglasii) flowers that really were buzzing with bees,

but didn’t do that with the ladybirds which were everywhere,  scurrying around, chasing one another and even being rather frisky!

Don’t forget that Springwatch starts next Monday on BBC2 at 8.00pm. I don’t have a TV at present but will be looking at the excellent website, especially the superb photos on the Flickr site and, from tomorrow, the webcams.

[* A good place to read his poems would be on the Red bear bench over on Sofa flying]

Have a good weekend!


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16 Responses to Leisure…

  1. Jo says:

    I agree, it’s a wonderful poem. We really should take the time to stand and stare, there’s so much around us that we miss as we rush around in our daily lives. I’ve seen so many ladybirds already this year, they seem to be everywhere, and so do wasps at the moment. I’ve had so many in the house since the fine weather arrived.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo good for you. We should indeed, and it’s only the last few years that I really appreciate how much it’s worth doing. I’m happy to see ladybirds, but not wasps. xx

  2. elaine says:

    Love that peom Flighty it is something we should all do more. On another subject this morning there was a small frog in the washing up bowl that had filled up with water at the allotment. He was having trouble getting out so I’ll take one or two rocks up with me this evening – in case he decides to come back. Good news eh!

  3. wellywoman says:

    Gorgeous poached egg plant there. I was just wishing I’d sown some along the base of my tayberry. I suppose its not too late but if I don’t get round to it I’ll sow some in the autumn. That’s great news about Springwatch, can’t wait for it to start again, although with Chelsea this week and 3 weeks of Springwatch I’m never going to get anything done. Why is all the good TV on when the weather is good? Guess its just one of life’s conundrums. Looks like this weather is set to last into the weekend so hope you have a great weekend.

    • Flighty says:

      Welly they’ve done really well this year. Sow some in the autumn and you’ll have a lovely display next year.
      As you say there’s always good programmes at the wrong time.
      Yes the good weather looks set to continue into next week so thanks. xx

  4. Love the Poached Egg plant, beautiful colouring. Such a profusion of Ladybirds, I haven’t seen that many here, but would love to so I could re-house them in my tunnel.Please send the frisky ones over to me…:)
    We , down south here, had our first day of warm sunshine today, the rest of the country have had it all the week 😦

  5. Glo says:

    What a lovely gathering of poached egg plants surrounding Frog Newton’s pond! Very picturesque and magical looking.
    Your mention of the Leisure poem and also ladybirds brought this little rhyme to mind that I saw on Smitten Image’s blog:

    How brave a ladybug must be!
    Each drop of rain is big as she.
    Can you imagine what you’d do,
    If raindrops fell as big as you?
    ~ Aileen Fisher

    Sorry to hear you’re without a TV at the moment ~ hopefully that will sort itself out. At least it’s the time of year when it’s light outside for longer ~ not all gloomy long nights when there sometimes doesn’t seem like much else to do than watch TV! I know you’d enjoy viewing Springwatch though!

    • Flighty says:

      Glo thanks it really looks good round the pond like that. That is a delightful little poem.
      The TV signal here switched from analogue to digital recently so I need a new TV which I’m deliberating on as I watch so little now I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I can still see the best bits of Springwatch via the PC so I won’t be missing out on that. xx

  6. nikkipolani says:

    I almost wrote verbatim what Glo wrote about your poached egg flowers! They look quite prolific — nice that the bees have noticed and are enjoying them.

  7. Lynda says:

    Lovely poem – I’ve just sown some poached egg plant seeds…hope they grow (as it’s a little late) ;0)

  8. Liz says:

    What fascinating info on the unconventional life of W H Davies! My grandfather was born in Newport, Monmouthshire and I have relatives with the last name Davies! But I am not “into” tracing ancestors.
    The poached egg plant you feature over the years is a cheerful plant. Does it spread and get invasive?

    • Flighty says:

      Liz I’m glad that you found it interesting. I not into family history either.
      It’s a lovely plant which bees really like. It freely self seeds and does spread but it’s easy enough to keep in check. xx

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