My very wet plot

Yesterday morning I took a quick round in the rain. It’s all looking rather bedraggled,  but surprising lush, as you can see here.

On closer inspection there are plenty of positive points.

Potato foliage, like this maincrop Desiree,  has started appearing, the onions are growing well and the broad beans all look okay despite some nibbled leaves.

The blackberry, raspberries and strawberries  are showing plenty of healthy new growth and leaves. The latter also have lots of flowers.  A week or so ago the comfrey hardly had leaves but look at it now.

The next time I’m on the plot I’ll be able to pick the first of the rhubarb stems.   The carrots that I sowed in pots have germinated, and the old wire hanging baskets covering them have kept any wildlife at bay.

There are still just a few daffodils and tulips, and the first perennial cornflower has started to appear. The aquilegia flower stems are well up and the roses have lots of leaves.  Flower seedlings are appearing all over the place.

Once my very wet plot dries out a bit, and it gets a bit warmer, I can get plotting again starting with sowing sunflower seeds and doing the interminable weeding.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “My very wet plot”

  1. Hi Flighty, We’ve got our first spuds pushing through too, which is always an exciting sight. Got cabin fever today. Torrential rain and strong winds since last night. The rivers nearby are all ready to burst their banks and many fields are flooded. I have a feeling it is going to be a late year for many plants. Here’s hoping for a dryer week!!!


    1. Welly’ it’s always good to see start appearing isn’t it. It rained here all weekend but I did get out both days thankfully, although it was also cold and windy making it really miserable. Let’s hope that May is rather better. At least this morning here is sunny! xx


  2. It looks like the rain is doing wonders for your plot, Flighty. I had a quick trip down to my allotment yesterday morning and was pleased to see that no harm has come to the onions, shallots and broad beans that I planted out before all this rain started. Today has been so miserable, I woke up to rain pattering on the window and it hasn’t let up since. Surely May must be better than April has been.


    1. Jo yes I was surprised at how good it looked as it’s been so cold, wet and windy. Good to know that yours are all okay as well. It rained here all weekend but is sunny this morning. Let’s hope so! xx


  3. What a relief that your plants are doing so well…I had visions of them being drowned in a swamp! The rain certainly does green things up, and once the sunshine adds its golden touch a little more often, miracles will happen. Everything is looking great, Flighty, and your previous endeavours have paid off. Yes, weeds no doubt will be having a field day with all the encouragement from the rain.


    1. Glo yes indeed, especially as some other plots were partly under water!
      All we need now is some brighter, drier and warmer weather.
      Mmm weeds…said sighing! xx


  4. Great use of hanging baskets! 😉 Everything here is very wet, but the grass is loving it! As, I suspect, are the weeds – you may have some serious weeding ahead 🙂
    The chickens are paddling in mud and very suspicious of a temporary shelter we made for them. We have put them to bed early.


    1. Mo thanks, they certainly stop wildlife digging around! Same here, and I’m resigned that I’ll be doing lots of weeding sometime soon.
      I bet that they don’t like this weather either. xx


  5. We are having a rough time of it aren’t we – I am just about fed up with it – I know we need rain, but enough is enough. The plot is looking good.


    1. Lucy they’re bound to be! I shall have a good look for any later today when I have a potter round.
      I didn’t see any but I’m sure that they were lurking somewhere! xx


  6. I am impressed with your potatoes – they are further advanced than my first earlies! Here’s hoping it will warm up and things can get growing again. Everything I’ve sowed or planted seems to stand still in this weather. x


    1. Ellie thanks, some of each are showing this one just being the easiest to take a photo of!
      That’s what we need now. Same for everybody I think, as it’s been too cold and dull! xx


  7. Luckily my raised beds provide good drainage so broad beans, onions and garlic are doing really well. The plum trees in the walled border tell a different story as the wind and rain have caused them to rock back and forth and come loose in the soil. Hopefully a good stamping down of the earth will put that to rights but it doesn’t look good. It’s a lovely evening here now, birds singing and soft evening sunlight – hard to believe there was a torrential downpour last night!


    1. Caro yes raised beds certainly make a difference. Can you stake the plum trees?
      It sure was but has been very dull day, and more rain due tonight/tomorrow then drier but colder! xx


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