are one of those wildlife animals that we love and/or hate in equal measure. Whilst undeniably cute looking they can be destructive on the allotment or in the garden.

Here in the UK it is the grey squirrel that dominates having usurped the native red one in most of the country. Also look out for the occasional black squirrel.

There are plenty of greys on the allotment site but they keep mainly to the trees just outside the perimeter fence and nearby areas. Luckily my plot is out in the middle so I’m rarely troubled by them.

At home there are plenty of trees out the back and front where I often see them clambering about.  In recent months there has been  one out the front which thanks to it’s loo-brush tail is very distinctive. I’m told that’s due to mites which thrive in the squirrels dray (nest).  Although it looks rather odd it doesn’t seem to affect it’s ability to scamper up and down the trees.

I’ve yet to take any photos to squirrels at home or on the plot unlike some blog friends.  A month ago Glo invited us to Meet Quigley!, last week Nikki had this close encounter,  a few years ago Uphilldowndale was concerned about Nutty Drivers and how about NiC’s superb photo Squirrel which he mentions had a rather threadbare tail but was nothing like as bad as the one I mentioned above!

Happy Easter!


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22 Responses to Squirrels…

  1. I’d not known about black squirrels until I followed your link. They look rather lovely. Mites in tails don’t sound anywhere near as nice though. Imagine if we had such things in the hair of our heads!

  2. You are lucky your plot is in the middle so, Flighty.
    I have never really seen any squirrels in our area.The only place I have seen squirrels is in St.James Park in London!

  3. Ooops….forgot to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    I think squirrels are really cute, but I’m not troubled by them at home or at the allotment, I’d probably think differently of them if I was.

  5. wellywoman says:

    We use to live somewhere where we had a grey squirrel visit the garden frequently treating us to displays of acrobatics trying to get to the bird feeders. We loved watching him and named him Cyril. No squirrels around us now. I do think they’re cute but agree with Jo if they caused me problems it would be a different story. Have a great Easter, Flighty, hopefully the weather will allow for some Easter gardening.

  6. I once tried to hand-rear two squirrel orphans – alas, I wasn’t successful. We don’t have any trouble with squirrels now, although we have had some in the past. I have enough problems with other critters. Have yourself a good Easter – just hope the weather takes a turn for the better.

  7. Doris says:

    Great squirrely links! I especially liked the one of Nikki’s close encounter.

  8. Glo says:

    Hi Flighty ~ Thanks for the link to my Quigley post – and how Nikki kept her camera still enough to take the photo is beyond me. I would probably have dropped it. No sign of Quigley since the post about him, but I have had lots of lovely bird visitors!

  9. nikkipolani says:

    I guess its been a couple of squirrely weeks on the blogs! We do get the odd squirrel crossing the street here in my neighborhood, but along the boardwalks where tourists were (and Cambria is a rather woodsy area) there were lots and lots of squirrels. My photographically-minded friend had four other companions living with him under this portion of the boardwalk 😉

  10. alison says:

    i used to get confused with squirrels and shrews. i love the links of the many squirrels you shared. thanks! 🙂 xx

  11. Liz says:

    Delightful squirrel links. I had no idea there were road signs for squirrels!

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