For the past three years members of Allotments 4 All, including myself, have done a Christmas present donation to a national gardening charity.

In 2009 it was to Thrive, in 2010 to Gardening Leave and last year Greenfingers was chosen.  I’d not heard of it so when it was suggested I looked at the website, and the Charity Commission overview, to find out all about it.

It’s a small national charity that creates magical gardens for children’s hospices to support children with life limiting conditions, together with their families.

As usual I set up a Just Giving donation page and contacted the charity to let them know what we were doing.

Greenfingers was clearly a good choice as the total donated was almost £670, our best yet much to our delight.  As one member commented…It’s really heartwarming to see such generosity, especially when things are hard for many right now, and it fair restores your faith in humanity.

This is another charity that I’m not only happy to donate to but support by including the logo as a link over on the right.  I also like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter, where it’s @Greenfingerscha.


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18 Responses to Greenfingers

  1. VP says:

    Hi Flighty – what a fantastic amount raised, well done 🙂

    I first heard about Greenfingers a couple of years ago and I’ve been pleased to have them as a Link U Might Like on my sidebar ever since.


  2. Jo says:

    What a brilliant amount raised for such a good cause. I’ve never heard of Greenfingers before, I shall certainly read up on them. I’ve been to donate some books (four boxes full actually) to the local children’s hospice shop today. It’s a bit out of our way but I’d rather support that rather than the charity shops which are nearer.

  3. Well done to your group for raising a considerable amount for a worthy cause. Whenever we have a fund raiser it always goes to Rainbows Hospice which is a similar sort of thing for children.

  4. Damo says:

    A great cause and well done raising so much money!

  5. nikkipolani says:

    That’s really terrific how your allotmenteers have pitched in — especially in these times. Gardeners are a generous lot 🙂

  6. wellywoman says:

    I hadn’t heard of them before. I think gardening and plants can make such a difference to us all, making the world around us a nicer place to be. I really believe people feel better when surrounded by plants so any charities that work along these lines are doing a brilliant thing. Will have a look at their website, Flighty.

  7. Flighty says:

    Welly me neither, and I agree with all you say.
    I think that small national charities like this deserve all the support we can give them. xx

  8. you’re a good egg Flighty 🙂 it’s wonderful to read about folks coming together for such a great cause.

  9. Liz says:

    Thank you, again, for bringing another worthy cause to my attention and for raising funds. What a great idea.

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