Another enjoyable show

This year’s local horticultural society show was held on Saturday, being the third one* where I’ve helped out and stewarded. It was held, as usual, in the main hall of the local sports and social club which is almost adjacent to my allotment site.  I was there early to help with the myriad bits and pieces that needed doing, the first and most important of which was to fill the tea urn and switch it on.

The good weather meant that people could unload cars at their leisure and use the outside tables to primp and preen their flower exhibits before staging them.

By mid morning the three double rows of tables running almost the entire length of the hall were filled with vegetables, fruit and flowers.There were just over 400 entries, which was around the same number as last year, despite nearly everyone saying what a difficult year it had been due to the weather.  It was also generally agreed that the overall standard was probably the best that it’s ever been.

Among the vegetables it was plot neighbour Bill’s tomatoes that caught my eye as they were as uniform in colour and size as you could wish for. I was pleased that he won several prizes as he’s not in good health and hasn’t really been able to do much this year.

Dahlias, not surprisingly, dominated the flower exhibits with this stunning bloom really standing out among all the various colours, shapes and sizes.

There were also lots of fuchsias and other flowers, with this pot plant attracting a lot of attention After judging and then lunch the doors opened to the public before the presentation of cups and other prizes. It was good to see some new faces among the prize winners, which included a local primary school and a charity that has a plot.

As always it was good to see, and chat with, folks who I don’t see often. That included Martin who runs the tombola stall. He’d fallen off a ladder earlier this year and was lucky that he only broke his leg! I bought ten tickets and won three prizes. None were of much use to me but with some swopping around I came away with a bar of chocolate and several packets of seeds including dianthus Russian Skies and rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset.

All too soon we were packing up and by just after 5 pm the hall was empty and several of us had moved to the bar for a much needed drink and sit down.  Although it had been a long and tiring day we all agreed that it had been another enjoyable show.

[*Here are last year’s post Don’t spend it all at once and the previous year’s The Show]


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24 Responses to Another enjoyable show

  1. Everything looks beautifully presented and to a high standard Flighty – I think a show like this gives people something to work towards and for other people to aspire to. Well done for all the effort that was put in to making it a successful show.

    • Flighty says:

      Elaine everyone says the same so due credit to all concerned. I agree and it’s always good to see newcomers exhibit or just look round and say that they will next year. Thanks on behalf of all those involved! xx

  2. deyank says:

    We don’t have very many shows like that over here. I grew flowers as a young lad while in Germany with my family, but when we got back to the States we couldn’t find a single show anywhere. In California, I grew a few vegetables but derision from my peers made me give up. Looks like a very successful show.

  3. Jo says:

    It looks like a long and tiring, but totally enjoyable day. 400 exhibits is impressive, your show is obviously well attended which is wonderful, so many local shows are in danger of folding due to poor attendance. Well done to Bill, and congratulations on your own good fortune. I love Rudbeckias and Cherokee Sunset looks like a lovely variety, I look forward to seeing them in your posts next year.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo it was, but worthwhile making the effort. It’s certainly one of the best of all the local shows. Thanks! I’m looking forward to growing them and hopefully I’ll be posting photos next year. xx

  4. Donna says:

    Wow, the produce on that big table all looks amazing!! I’ll have to look into whether there is something like that around here (apart from the big Tatton Park show which costs a bundle to get into).
    What is the little blue/purple plant, I’m quite taken with that?
    And well done Bill!!

  5. nikkipolani says:

    The show looks beautifully laid out. So glad you had a good day and saw some friends and new faces in the winners’ circles. I smiled when I read about the flower exhibitors “pimp and preen” their flowers before the show — maybe you mean “primp and preen” but maybe “pimp” is what you mean after all!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki that’s thanks to be being well organised. Yes it’s good to see boths friends and newcomers. I knew there was something wrong despite reading it through a couple of times! Thanks for pointing it out, it’s now been corrected and no I didn’t mean that. xx

  6. Donna says:

    Hah, there’s a TV show in there somewhere “Pimp my Plants”!!!

  7. Mo says:

    I stopped by earlier but didn’t comment as I wanted to take time to read about the previous Shows – thank you for the links. Please tell Bill I like his tomatoes too! And congratulations to all of you for putting on a lovely show, with special thanks to you for sharing it with us. It’s lovely to see all those exhibits on a local level. Long may it continue 🙂

  8. Darren says:

    The shallots look very impressive
    I would say at a guess they are Hative de Noirt and spuds Bluee Bell?
    Quite an impressive show
    Looks like you had plenty of entries

  9. Wow, that all looks so impressive laid out like that. I do love that shows like this take place all over the country. Your friend’s tomatoes look perfect, I never seem to get a whole truss ripe at once. Glad you got to catch up with old friends.

    • Flighty says:

      Janet it amazes me that it’s all set up in just a few hours. Me too! They sure do, and me neither, he also had another eight small ones which won a first.
      Thanks, it’s always good to see them. xx

  10. Ellie says:

    That’s a fine turnout. I can never get over how some people can grow onions as big and as perfect as that! Dahlias are some of my favourite flowers but this year I’ve discovered one drawback – earwigs. Until now, I had always thought that the resident dahlia earwig community was a myth but oh my, they are real. Amazingly they seem to survive all shaking to dislodge them until I am inside the kitchen putting them in vases.

    • Flighty says:

      Ellie we were all well pleased! Nor me, they look almost artificial when they’re that good don’t they.
      Earwigs are a real pain for dahlia growers and showers! xx

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