Seeing red

I found a small, almost red tomato on the ground by the plants which is now on the window sill ripening, but the rest are still mostly various shades of green.

I’ve started lifting the red maincrop Desiree potatoes and there’s plenty of them. The majority are good sized and undamaged so I’ll be storing these for use through the winter.

I have two clumps ofย  red crocosmia (‘Lucifer’) which plot neighbour George gave me several years ago. These are the ones down at the bottom south-west corner. You can also see some red runner bean flowers in the top left corner of the picture.

There are also plenty of red nasturtiums, along more raspberries and the few strawberries that I mentioned last week, and have now picked and eaten.

Although allotmenteers are generally peaceful folk there are times when they do see red as you can read in Losing the plot โ€“ discord and disputes down at the allotment.

Have a good weekend!


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18 Responses to Seeing red

  1. Louise says:

    Coincidentally Flighty, I have those very same Crocosmia growing with my Runner Beans too. I dug up many of my clumps last year as they’d stopped flowering, and thought I’d found all the bulbs! The divided clumps I replanted have given me lots of blooms this year, so was a very fiddly job well done. I’m imagining your freshly dug potatoes going very nicely with the Steak Pie I am making today! x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise they’re a plant where you never find all the bulbs! I think about moving some of mine now and again but always decide to leave them be.
      Mmm steak pie sounds good with my potatoes! xx

  2. oanh says:

    I hope this is all the type of red you do see on your plot, Flighty. Those case studies are sort of funny, sort of shocking and sort of sad, especially the last one. Poor Edith, she just wanted some flowers. How mean to try to evict her for that reason.

    • Flighty says:

      Oanh hello, thankfully our allotment site is usually peaceful. They are, and there was outrage at what they tried to do to Edith. Officials seem to have little commonsense and no compassion do they! xx

  3. Crocosmia used to be called Monbretia, why do plant breeders or whoever it is, start messing about changing names. Monbretia seemed perfectly adequate to me. Lovely pics by the way. Now you have mentioned it, I think I’ll have a ‘furtle’ amongst my ‘Desiree’ and see how they are doing. You can’t beat them for storing well over winter.

  4. daffy says:

    Well you know I know nothing about gardening but your pics are lovely and I do like strawberries! haha
    Hope you are well x

  5. Mo says:

    What a peaceful way to ‘see red’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Pleased to hear you have potatoes for winter and I’m sure your tomatoes wont be long. Have a good weekend.

  6. That’s a lovely way to see red. I too am anxiously eyeing the first of the larger tomatoes to threaten to turn red. I had thought my future was doomed to be full of Green Tomato chutney, but maybe there will be a salad or too as well. Am trying not to be too envious of your lovely red potatoes.

  7. nikkipolani says:

    I can’t believe how gorgeous your crocosmias did this year! Mine were utter wimps with a maximum of four stalks in bloom. Boo to mine and Well Done to yours!

  8. Damo says:

    Trying to get my greenhouse toms to ripen with a couple of overipe bananas under them to hopefully push them along in time for my local show next Saturday.

  9. menhir says:

    Hello Mr F.

    I have plonked some crocosima (aka monbretia) in a shaded spot of the garden, hoping that they’ll spread under the trees and dissuade weeds and buttercups from coming through so readily, or at least hide them. I think mine are the bog standard orange monbretia. I have seen some glorious red ones recently, I wish I had got a planting of one, it would vary the colour range without too much effort. A Primula, over-sprouted and given to me earlier this year, seems to have bedded in. It will be interesting to see what that does. I am thinking about adding a Hostia in a month or two, to that shadowy corner. My last one lived four years in quite a windy, but a bit lighter spot.

    This week I’ve been looking after S-i-l’s greenhouse tomato plants while she’s visiting London. Nothing needed apart from watering. No sign of ripening on the formed and forming fruits yet. There are still some flowers, I wonder if they will have time to fruit before the season(s) change too much. We can have 5 seasons in a day and are lucky to have three in a year, where I live!

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir that all sound good to me, and should provide you lots of colour and interest.
      Let’s hope that we have a good autumn, and pehaps even an Indian summer. xx

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