Life is just a bowl of cherries

Some time ago I removed the bulbs from the two planters then sowed some linaria and nemophila seeds. Sadly neither germinated so a couple of weeks ago I bought a handful gazania Sunny day plants to go in them.  Colin, the horticultural society treasurer, also gave me some French marigolds to go with them.  I planted those last Wednesday but by Monday they had been completely eaten by slugs and snails, and the gazanias aren’t looking too good either!  Yesterday, as a last attempt, I transplanted some nasturtiums in the hope that they’ll survive.

Plot neighbour Joe’s cherry tree, which he completely nets to keep the birds off,  is full of fruit this year.  As always he kindly said to pick some which I’ve done.  Having sorted and washed them I was putting them in a bowl when the post title came to mind.  It’s actually a song from way back in 1931 but I like this 1967 Doris Day recording. Have a listen to the lyrics and I think you’ll agree that life is just a bowl of cherries.

Have a good weekend!


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21 Responses to Life is just a bowl of cherries

  1. Mo says:

    Doris Day 🙂 Many true words in that little song. Sorry to hear about your flower problems, hope the ‘Nasties’ do better.

  2. Louise says:

    You really wouldn’t think slugs and snails would like the taste of French Marigolds? A tree full of cherries, heaven! x

  3. Jo says:

    I hope some of the gazanias make it, they’re lovely flowers. You should be ok with nasturtiums, they tend to survive most things. I’ve got some cherries on my tree which are just about ripe now. I’m hoping to pick some to enjoy over the weekend.

  4. You’re not having much luck are you – enjoy the cherries.

  5. nikkipolani says:

    Sometimes, the critters win. Hopefully, you’ve got plenty of other plant-wins to cheer you. Those cherries certainly should 🙂

  6. Jennyta says:

    And they look absolutely delicious, Flighty! Your recent planting experiences sound like the experiences I have all the time! 😉

  7. lynda says:

    enjoy the cherries ;0)

  8. Carlie says:

    Err, I think it would sound much better as ‘Life is just a bowl of CHICKEN!’
    *licks lips*… 😉

    • Flighty says:

      Carlie you’ve got a one track mind when it comes to food! Not that I blame you as you’d probably eat the cherry stones as well, which isn’t a good idea, so you’re better off with chicken. xx

  9. There must be something particularly tasty about gazanias – I lost all mine to the wretched snails too. I sympathise.

  10. Martin B says:

    Cherries are one of my favourite fruits. Absolutely delicious!

    We don’t have a cherry tree, so have to buy them from farm shops or supermarkets. They are so expensive though. I work part time as a checkout assistant on a Saturday and the amount of people who bring a massive bag of cherries to the till and then are shocked when I ask them for £11.39 in return.

    Have a great day!


    • Flighty says:

      Martin hello, I like them as well! I’m not surprised at how expensive they are and glad that I don’t have to buy them.
      Thanks, you too!

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