Potatoes, raspberries and pot marigolds

The weather has been rather unsettled lately, with plenty of heavy showers and strong winds,  so I’ve not been plotting as much as I would have liked. I was only there once last week, on Wednesday,  when I couldn’t resist lifting the first few potatoes.

I didn’t expect the yield to be much but one first early Vales Emerald plant gave me these fair sized potatoes which cooked well and tasted good.

I was pleased that I picked enough raspberries to bring home and have for afters with some vanilla ice cream.

It was inevitable that some of last year’s pot marigolds would self-seed but some have grown and flowered among the potatoes which was a welcome surprise.

I really like these flowers with their warm colours.

       Happy gardening!


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20 Responses to Potatoes, raspberries and pot marigolds

  1. Jo says:

    I love the first potatoes of the season, they always taste extra nice. I might lift one of mine this week, though I don’t expect much yet as they were planted quite late. The marigolds are looking very colourful.

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Boy, those raspberries look fantastic! I’ve always loved your pot marigolds — so nice that they are reblooming for you.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki they tasted pretty good as well…said smiling, and I picked another lot today. Me too, and I’m happy to let them grow all over the plot! xx

  3. Exactly the same has happened between my potato rows – I don’t mind in the least.

  4. deyank says:

    Very tasty-looking raspberries. I’ve been known to nosh on them right off the vine until I’m stuffed.

  5. Mo says:

    How lovely to have flowers amongst your potatoes 🙂 We would have had poppies but Steve weeded them all.
    There’s nothing quite like your first fresh potatoes of the season is there? You have reminded me to harvest our Raspberries this morning. They are quite small and so far only the Chickens and Mrs Blackbird have feasted on them, although I have had a few….for Quality Control purposes 😉

  6. Those raspberries look nice and plump! My canes aren’t that established yet but I am getting some flowers, I guess I need to get the nets out!

  7. steffnouveau says:

    Hi Flighty, what a satisfying feeling to see the literal fruits of your labour. Those raspberries look lovely and large, unlike shop bought ones! Pretty marigolds too…I have lemon-yellow mini dahlias in my pots.
    PS. Must get involved in the gardening group again 😉
    All the best ~
    Stephanie Faith 🙂

  8. Great harvest! I envy your potatoes. I was going to try my hand at growing them for the first time this year, but I didn’t get them in in time. What’s your potato planting method of choice? I’ve heard good and bad things about every different way, so would love to hear your opinion.

    Happy gardening to you Flighty 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Allison@a tasteful garden thanks. I’ll do a potato post later in the year once I’ve lifted them all and eaten some. That way you’ll get a better idea of what to do next year. I have to say that they’re well worth growing even if it’s only a few first earlies.
      And to you! xx

  9. Louise says:

    My raspberries and strawberries are doing well again this year. I am having trouble keeping up with picking and eating them, most ending up in the freezer – nice for jellies and trifles though. I like to see plants like marigolds planted, or even self-seeding among vegetable plants. x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise lucky you, I hope that my strawberries do better next year. Jellies and trifles made with these sound rather nice!
      These were all self-seeded but good to see all the same. xx

  10. We thought we had a complete potato failure in one bed, but when FIL went to clear it the first 4 plants yielded enough tasty first earlies to make a generous portion for each of four adults for dinner that night. Love the self-sown marigolds.

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