Springwatch 2011…

starts next Monday on BBC2 at 8.00pm.  It’s presented as usual by Kate Humble, Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games from the RSPB’s Ynys-hir Nature Reserve in Wales.

In addition Springwatch friends Liz Bonnin, Charlie Hamilton-Jones and Iolo Williams return with new wildlife missions.

As always it’s well worth checking out the excellent Springwatch homepage where the messageboard is already up and running and there are lots of terrific photos to look at.

A bird that I’ve only ever caught a very occasional quick glimpse of at home, and never seen on the plot, is the colourful goldfinch although I know that they’re around! However yesterday morning I was looking out the front, whilst enjoying a cup of tea, when two appeared on one of the plants just outside the window. That more than made up for the fact that I was at home waiting for a parcel rather than being on the plot.

My latest post over on Sofa flying is One of my favourite authors….

Have good weekend!


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24 Responses to Springwatch 2011…

  1. Jenny Aspin says:

    We’ve passed Ynys-hir but never visited up to now. I’m afraid, uncharitable though it is, Chris Packham irritates me for some reason so I don’t watch Springwatch and Autumnwatch as regularly as I used to.

    • Flighty says:

      Jenny I’m told that it’s well worth a visit! I can understand your irritation as he’s not everyone’s favourite by any means. xx

  2. Jo says:

    I love goldfinches and wish they would visit my garden more often than they do. I’ve noticed them eating seeds from plants I left in the ground over winter, it definitely pays not to be too tidy in the garden.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo they’re a lovely bird and like you I’d love to see more of them. Good for you, and that’s why I tidy up in the spring rather than the autumn. xx

  3. Mo says:

    Chris Packham irritates me too 🙂 I miss Bill Oddie. Consequently we don’t watch as avidly as we used to, which is probably a case of biting our own noses…
    Pleased that you saw Goldfinches. They visit my friends garden regularly but we only catch glimpses – what a different 500 yds can make eh? 😉

    • Flighty says:

      Mo I must admit that there are times when I’m watching it that I tune him out so to speak! Me too, and hope to see more. I rarely see sparrows here but just down the road they’re always around!

  4. Bill says:

    Goldfinches are really beautiful. I get some of them here on my thistle feeder, but so far this year I haven’t seen them. Probably after the rain lets up and summer begins properly.

    • Flighty says:

      Bill they sure are! I hope that you do get to see some. Birds here are just starting to appear again here having been busy raising youngsters.

  5. Carrie says:

    we’ve had goldfinches i am sure of it! i like mr packham and we always watch springwatch so I’ll be thinking of you Flighty when I’m on my (sadly very stationary) sofa xx

  6. nikkipolani says:

    Hurray for that goldfinch sighting! I was having dinner at a friend’s place and saw a hooded oriole sipping at her humming bird feeder. Love that bright yellow!

  7. Doris says:

    How nice that you had the Goldfinch sightings. What a treat!

  8. Horrid to have to wait in for parcels but a nice way of passing the time with a cup of tea and bird-watching – if you had the same rain as we did, I bet you were glad to be dry indoors! Caro x

    • Flighty says:

      Caro yes it is but on this occasion well worth the wait as I saw these then later the parcel arrived. That was on Wednesday morning when it was nice, yesterday was wet! xx

  9. Glo says:

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Springwatch and lovely to have spotted a Goldfinch! Are you going to share what was in the parcel 😉 ?

  10. Damo says:

    Looking forward to it. Goldfinches are a lovely sight in the garden.

  11. Rachel says:

    How lovely to have Goldfinches. We used to have them in our garden but haven’t seen them for years.

    Ynys-hir is definitely worth a visit if you’re over this way!

    • Flighty says:

      Rachel hello and welcome! It sure is, and I hope to see them again.
      It’s now been added to my long list of places to visit! xx

      • Mair G. says:

        2010 we had a flock of goldfinches but 2011 we had none. Maybe we will have to pop to Ynys-hir to see them (about 8 miles). Please can some-one tell Packham to shut-up and grow up. Humour is fine but he is childish. Our Iolo Williams would be a wonderful replacement. He so knowledgable with an easy, gentle presentation and his wry humour comes thru’. We also resented Pakham’s condescending comments about Iolo at the end of the prog. from Skomer. Iolo is an experienced presenter and has travelled the world making wildlife films for tv.

        • Flighty says:

          Mair hello, and thanks for stopping by! Typically, and sadly, I’ve not seen any goldfinches since then.
          I can well understand that Mr Packham irritates some people, as he does me at times, and sympathise if he does so. I also agree with you that Iolo Williams is a good presenter.

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