Sowing season

On Thursday I started sowing some vegetable seeds with short two/three feet rows of beetroot Detroit 2, Golden and Gourmet Blend; carrots Baby, Danvers Half Long and Nantes Frubund; leeks Ardea, lettuce mix red/green salad bowl and spring onions White Lisbon. Once they’ve all appeared I’ll then sow more of each.

Last Sunday plot neighbour Trevor kindly gave me some salsify and scozonera seeds which I also sowed. Mo did a post Salsify… or Scorzonera ? recently and Carrie reckons that the latter are yummy and gorgeous! More on these another time.

I was standing by the shed when Mr Robin appeared, and as you can see he was looking decidedly ruffled!

The logpile was positively teeming with insects such as ants, ladybirds like this one and spiders.Β 

On one of the perennial cornflowers was this common hunting spider (Pisaura mirabilis).

The square planter now has red tulips Couleur cardinal and white narcissus Silver chimes in flower.Β  I know that both Carrie and Damo, among others, like tulips and I must say that I do to and will grow more next year. However as for deciding which colours and varieties to choose…!

Yesterday I pottered for a couple of hours whilst enjoying the warm sunshine. I was weeding and trying to decide where I’m going to grow the giant single sunflowers and what flower seeds to sow next week. They’ll certainly include some california poppies, cornflowers, nasturtiums and sweet peas.

Happy gardening!

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22 Responses to Sowing season

  1. Jenny Aspin says:

    That poor robin looks as if he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards!

  2. Seed sowing in the warm sunshine, lovely! Seems that you’re making good progress and with such sweet company. I had starlings and sparrows for company early this morning, and I could hear a robin and a wood pigeon so I know they were not far. One of the joys of gardening when no-one else is around, especially on an estate! Aaaah, peace, quiet and birdsong – bliss!

  3. Good plans. I did a mamoth sowing yesterday (broccoli, cauli, sprouts, beetroot, salad leaves and lettuces, squash, courgette, you name it, I probably sowed it until I ran out of pots). Then my back gave out, so planting the sweet peas and sowing more carrots in situ is going to have to wait. Ah well, time to kick back and enjoy the sun I guess! Oh, and whatever tulips you choose, you will love them and also regret not having chose certain others that you then see other people growing. A bit like choosing a meal at a restaurant and then lusting after the selection made by your table companions…

    • Flighty says:

      Janet thanks, I think that although it’s our busiest time we have to still enjoy the sun!
      I know what you mean about tulips as I’m looking at everybody else’s now! xx

  4. Jo says:

    It’s definitely sowing season, I’ve had a mammoth sowing session today in the sunshine. I haven’t planted anything direct though yet, I’ll give it a couple more weeks before I sow my beetroot, carrots and parsnips.

  5. Mo says:

    Thank you – you know you have to do a taste review now? πŸ™‚
    It’s great to be sowing isn’t it, waiting for the first signs of life? Hope you enjoyed the sunshone this weekend.

    • Flighty says:

      Mo you’re welcome! I shall try both, and even if I’m not keen I know that they’re both worthwhile plants to grow just for the flowers.
      Yes it sure is, and I shall now be looking evry day for those first signs.
      I did indeed, and hope that you did too! xx

  6. Glo says:

    Your plants are going to be sprouting before we’re even ready! You’ve certainly been busy sowing which is terrific. Poor little robin looks like he has a story to tell. Have you seen him lately, and if so, is he looking more like himself? Ever since you mentioned eating rhubarb, I’ve been craving a slice of rhubarb pie. I think mine is tall enough to make a very small tartlet…so I’m waiting for the sunshine and some warmer temps. Not in the forecast yet, though. Your tulip planter looks lovely and bright πŸ™‚

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it’s all a bit hectic really! I haven’t seen the robin since but will let you know when I do. I hope that he’s okay.
      I’ll be picking more rhubarb today! I hope that it gets sunny and warmer there soon so that yours grows bigger.
      I’m pleased with the planter with it a good focal point! xx

  7. nikkipolani says:

    Just reading your list makes me feel like I’ve been gardening with you, looking around trying to decide where to sow seeds, feeling the sunshine on my shoulders. Thanks, that was fun! As for tulip colours….. wow, there seem to be zillions of them.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki that’s nice, and as you know you’d be most welcome!
      There sure are lots of colours and varieties but I’ll probably go for white traditional ones and another yet to be decided. xx

      • nikkipolani says:

        Just read a post from a fellow So Cal gardener who has tulips that come back (!) year after year. I might give that a try. Though I’m partial to freesias and ranunculus.

  8. Damo says:

    The tulips look good Flighty. I have another few batches in containers coming out now so I must take some photos.

  9. Debbie says:

    Did some of the same, Flighty, especially this evening when I returned home from work to find the neighbours making a DIY racket still. The shed was my haven and when I listened I could hear blackbirds, sparrows, goldfinches and the wren. I ignored the seagulls and pigeons, but I suppose even they have their place.

    • Flighty says:

      Debbie the last thing I’m sure you want after working all day is a neighbour doing DIY! Thank goodness that you have a haven like that, and birdsong to go with it. xx

  10. joan ludbrook says:

    Hi Flighty
    i grew some giant sunflowers last year, they were stunning! i would say 7ft, had a row of them, took the seeds for this year! will keep you posted x

    • Flighty says:

      Joan hello it’s nice to ‘see’ you again! I think that all gardeners should grow them as they are such fun flowers, and good for wildlife. Let’s hope that both ours do well, and grow tall, this year.
      Take care, and do keep in touch! xx

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