I’m mostly plotting…

today but I better do this post first or I’m likely to be told off if I forget!

I can’t make up my mind if I like this mini daffodil or not.

It’s narcissus minor var. pumilus Rip Van Winkle a few of which I have growing in the long planter, along with more familiar varieties.

Have a good weekend!


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22 Responses to I’m mostly plotting…

  1. Jenny Aspin says:

    Looks more like a dahlia to me, Flighty! 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    I’m always undecided when I see such showy flowers. I think I like the simpler varieties better, and they’re better for the bees too.

  3. M says:

    It’s an interesting one isn’t it? I know I’m looking at it and it doesn’t really say “daffs” to me – in fact, I’m not sure at all what it says; I think I might be a little ‘traditional’ in my preferences … possibly.

  4. nikkipolani says:

    I love that dahlia look in that narcissus! Like a mini sunburst in your garden.

  5. menhir says:

    Is it a daff,I thought? Then I read on and you answered my question to myself. It’s tentacled in a flowery manner.


  6. menhir says:

    P.S. have you been tinkering with your blog design ? I had to sign in. I did last time, but that was down to me because of a system spring clean. Perhaps you could let me know if there’s something I should tick or untick. it all looks familiar therefore, I cannot see what might be changed.

    🙂 xx

  7. Doris says:

    I think I like it (it looks almost like a star) but I understand your reticence. Maybe it should be classified as something unique rather than a daffodil! Not that I know anything about these things. : -)

  8. Mo says:

    I quite like it, but not as a daffodil, if that makes sense? How mini is ‘mini’? I’m imagining it’s ‘cute’ sized? In which case, I like it. I think. Oh dear! Confusion on a Friday morning 🙂

  9. Flighty says:

    Mo yes that makes perfect sense! It’s only about six inches high. I’ll include another photo of them, and others, in my next post. My feelings exactly, and as for being confused…! xx

  10. I love daffodils but I’m unsure about this one, meaning I like it as a flower but I prefer to see the trumpet on a daff. I have just done a post about daffs, how funny to be speaking about them over here too! Have a great time plotting Flighty x

    • Flighty says:

      Karen I agree with you, it’s a lovely flower but not what I call a daffodil! I think that we all mention and post about them at this time of year, which I don’t mind at all. Thanks, you too! xx

  11. Nope. Daffs should be simple, not frilly. I love Dahlias, but they are for high summer. Spring is about simple joy – primroses and not-very-messed-with-by-growers daffs. So there 😉

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