Last Sunday’s post…

Maybe next week… turned out to somewhat optimistic as there was more rain adding to an already well soggy plot. That meant that although Thursday was a lovely springlike day I wasn’t able to do any plotting so I wandered round and took a few photos.

The purple crocus that I showed in the above post had survived the rain and was now open

and it looks like the daffodils will doing the same before too long

Water drops on the aquilegia leaves sparkle in the sun

and the oriental poppy foliageis a reminder of the large silky-petalled flowers that will appear in early summer.

Out back at home the flowering snowdropshave been a welcome sight over the past few weeks, especially on dull damp days.

Whilst out yesterday I drove past a long grass bank covered with hundreds of purple, white and yellow crocus; and spotted nestling in a front garden were a handful of flowering daffodils.  Sights like these certainly help to brighten up the greyest of days, of which we’ve had far too many lately!


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24 Responses to Last Sunday’s post…

  1. Damo says:

    Hope it drys out soon Flighty so you can get some plotting done. The spring blooms are on their way as well!

    • Flighty says:

      Damo I’m sitting here this morning looking out at another damp dull morning. If this continues I’ll have to dust off the plans for turning the plot into a rice paddy!
      They sure are, which is one consolation!

  2. Jenny Aspin says:

    Seems to be the same everywhere, Flighty, but it does lift the spirits to see some of the spring flowers out.

  3. Jo says:

    It’s lovely and sunny here now, though it rained heavily overnight and this morning which means nothing done on the allotment again. The purple crocus is lovely, and you’re ahead of me again, I haven’t yet seen an open daffodil.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo it’s been dull and wet all day here, so like you nothing will be done on the plot for at least a few days.
      I guess those daffodils were in a sheltered, sunny spot and they’ve been the only ones I’ve seen in bloom so far. xx

  4. VP says:

    Things are definitely on the move, though I’m wondering if there’ll be any daffodils to photograph for March 1st. Mine are very late this year.

    And no plotting for me, not even photographs – it’s way too soggy up there!

  5. I don’t have an allotment so much as a bog garden at the moment, though I intend to head up there tomorrow to do some measuring. I’ll probably come back 2 inches taller thanks to the mud on my boots… Thank goodness for crocuses and daffs and other spring-like signs. Now can we please have some dry weather?! Love your oriental poppy foliage.

    • Flighty says:

      Janet hello, we really do need a period of drier weather don’t we!
      It’s so good to see all these spring-like signs. Thanks I enjoy looking at all the different kinds of foliage like this one. xx

  6. Maureen says:

    I hope we get a lot of nice sunny days to make up for all the wet weather! It’s lovely to see the spring flowers but I fully understand how you are eager for the wet weather to change so you can work in your allotment. Fingers crossed that the weather changes soon!

    • Flighty says:

      Maureen I think that we’ve all got our fingers crossed!
      I’m not usually quite so eager but it’s been such a long winter and I really have had enough of armchair gardening. xx

  7. Doris says:

    Looking at these spring flowers has lifted my spirits. I am so pleased to see the purple crocus now in full bloom. And the water droplets on the grass add a nice touch to the pictures.

  8. alison says:

    love the purple flower! purple is my fav colour! i like the name “snowdrops” for flowers, they look pretty too.

  9. Louise says:

    I so agree with you about the grey days Flighty. February can be like that. I have noticed the beautiful sight of miniature daffodils appearing along the roadside. Spring is on it’s way! x

  10. Stephen says:

    It was certainly “squelchy” down on the plot today!! But I have similar sights to you – the crocuses and snowdrops, and daffs just about to open up. I don’t know why, but I seem to have seen or at least noticed more purple crocuses this year than before. Beautiful things. Bring on the dry days, I say!

  11. The Garden Smallholder says:

    Another day of rain here too Flighty, each time I think it’s a good day to plant the broad beans out the heavens open up! I will have to put them out soon, fingers crossed for better weather next week.

  12. Mo says:

    Lovely photos! And very uplifting. I’m feeling the weight of February today and you’ve cheered me up. Tomorrow is a new day 🙂

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