Maybe next week…

I was on the plot Thursday morning and did lightly fork over, and weed, the area where the potatoes are going.  It was just about workable, although somewhat sticky in places, but not much fun.  I saw plot neighbour Irish Brian for the first time this year and it was good to have a catch up chat with him.

Last week I pruned the three roses,  and there’s lots of new growth appearing on them.  Sadly the white crocus have all keeled over in the rain and the yellow ones eaten by the birds. However I did spot this purple one partly hidden in the long grass.

I was pleased to see that the rhubarb has started to appear at last, and look forward to picking lots more of it this year.

It rained most of yesterday so the ground is well sticky again.   Looking at the forecast it’s due to get much milder beyond mid week so maybe next week I’ll be able to move the raspberries and strawberries. Then I shall empty the compost bin and prepare the onion patch.

Happy gardening!


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22 Responses to Maybe next week…

  1. Doris says:

    That crocus looks like a beautiful purple flame! Lovely!

  2. Mas says:

    This weather lately’s been a bit… Well… Wet; I heard there was talk of more snow up north again too – which is worrying – fingers crossed things pick up and it all stabilises soon. It’s a shame some of the crocus didn’t survive, but at least the birds were able to make the most of the flowery misfortune. Have a good rest of the day there

    • Flighty says:

      Mas too wet or, like today, cold and dull! It’ll change, as it always does, and we’ll all be happier. Yes sadly crocus do suffer somewhat.
      I did thanks, I spent most of it reading. Cheers!

  3. Damo says:

    Been lucky down here to get some dry days so have got some work done on the plot. I’m hoping for a drier March!

  4. Jo says:

    Maybe next week is all I seem to be saying at the moment. No allotment visits for me again this weekend, we had snow yesterday which has left everywhere muddy today. It does look good when the ground has been forked over and weeded.

  5. Glo says:

    It sounds like your on top of it, Flighty. February is usually a time for tidying up around here, too. We’re in for another cold spell, so winter is not finished with us yet.

  6. Mo says:

    At least you got some jobs done 🙂 It’s too wet up here to work on the outside beds. I’ve been out with my pruners and loppers though…

  7. Ellie says:

    The weather is frustrating, isn’t it? I managed to fork over one bed last week but it seems like one day of sunshine/dryness to three of rain at the moment. As Damo says, here’s to a drier March.

  8. This weekend will be better Flighty!! You will be able to get out in some sunshine for a couple of days! 🙂
    Your potato bed looks tidy. Mine is only about half done so far…. need to get that finished as soon as this better weather arrives.

  9. I’ve had most of my yellow crocuses eaten by the birds too. Oh, and plot is unworkable, far too sticky. But hey, it’s only nearly March and I’ve only got all the potato beds to dig over. Me? Worried?!

    • Flighty says:

      Janet hello, and welcome! It’s a shame as they’re such a warm looking flower.
      I sympathise, but I’m sure that in a few weeks it’ll be a different, and much better, picture! xx

  10. It’s wet and cold here too, hopefully I can plant the broad beans out this weekend if the weather improves and crack on with sowing leeks! My rhubarb patch is going to be a monster this year, I grow Timperley Early and it’s looking really good at the moment. Sorry to hear your crocus were rained on and munched Flighty x

    • Flighty says:

      Karen it looks like it’ll be warmer later in the week, but still wet!
      It’s always good to see the rhubarb starting to appear at this time of year.
      Thanks, it’s a shame as they are lovely flowers! xx

  11. Hi, I have got some potatoes to chit at last, but not yet dug the veg patch…been too wet so far. Sown some basil in pots and they’re now in the conservatory. M

    • Flighty says:

      M@A homespun year hello! Like you I need to dig the other areas over but it’s all rather soggy at the moment. At least with the basil you’ve made a start! xx

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