Armchair gardening

As we head towards winter I’m sure that many of us will be spending rather more time armchair gardening. We’ll be browsing the new seed catalogues along with planning for next year and spending more time on the gardening forums.

As our allotments and gardens wind down those of us who blog will probably write more off plot posts and perhaps find a bit more time to look at other blogs. Here’s three very varid gardening blogs that may be of interest.

~fer wrote this comment here earlier in the week and following the link I found that Fernando is a Mexican engineering student living in Yokohama, Japan who’s garden is a tiny10th floor balcony.  He started my little Garden in Japan in August which I’ve been reading with great interest over the past few days.

Karen, a fellow member on UK Veg Gardeners, started I Wouldn’t Start from Here just this week to keep track of what she’s doing. With, as she says, an unhealthy fascination in gadgets and technology resulting in some lighting and hydroponics experiments this blog could prove to be a somewhat unusual gardening one.

Veg Plotting celebrated A Blogaversary on Tuesday as she’s been blogging for two years and has to be applauded for her consistantly enjoyable, and always informative, posts.

Have a good weekend!


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6 Responses to Armchair gardening

  1. Jo says:

    I do enjoy armchair gardening and winter is just the time to do it as we don’t get as much chance in the summer with everything that’s going on at the plot. I’ve been following fer’s blog for a while now but I will pop in to the other two later to check them out.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo me too, and I feel that taking a break does me and the plot good! Fer’s blog shows just what can be achieved if you’re a determined gardener. xx

  2. Glo says:

    It’s definitely chilly enough here today to be happy in an armchair by the fire! However, I think I have to go out and trim a large hedgy thing that is beginning to encroach on my driveway. There is a chipping truck coming by during the next few days. It drives up and down the streets taking all the branches that people have left out, and chips them up to little bits and leaves nothing behind.

  3. nikkipolani says:

    I like that — armchair gardening 😉 That used to mean perusing seed and perennials catalogs, like you. But since my garden is full with not a lot of room to maneuver, I might take time instead to enjoy again the lovely gardeny books a certain friend across the pond has sent 😉

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