Smiles, sadness and TV

I suppose that it’s inevitable that friends here come and go as some have done recently.

It’s good to see that Daffy has decided to try and post more often, and over on my, barely active, MrFlighty blog a Japanese friend ashbourne2 has returned to blogging after more than two years!

It’s always nice to get comments from longtime Brasilian friend Lady Drid who continues to blog over on 20six where I started, as Flightbuff,  almost six years ago!

Sadly two recent lawn loungers Grisalda and Suzanne haven’t posted for nearly three months now.

Last year some members of Allotments 4 All, including myself, made a collective Christmas donation  to Thrive via a JustGiving page. We’re doing it again this year and in a week have already raised over £275 (including GiftAid) for Gardening Leave the charity that we’ve chosen as our good cause.

On Sunday I was informed that Allotments4All member Ellen (ellie2cats) had sadly passed away the previous week. During last year I had identified a plant in her garden as a collomia, and earlier this year she very kindly sent me several plants. Unfortunately they didn’t fare too well after I’d planted them and I was only recently wondering if she’d saved any seed. However I’ve now bought some which I hope will flourish next year.

On BBC2 Sunday at 8.00pm is Attenborough’s Journey which is a documentary following David Attenborough as he films the forthcoming First Life series. It looks back at his distinguished fifty year career as a programme maker and controller at the BBC.

Have a good weekend!


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19 Responses to Smiles, sadness and TV

  1. Jo says:

    Friends come and go in all walks of life, including blogging. It’s nice when some of them return though. How sad about Ellen, I never made her aquaintance on A4A, I only stop by rarely these days. What a great amount you’ve collected for Gardening Leave, such a worthwhile charity.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo that’s true, and yes it’s good when they do return.
      Sad indeed, she didn’t post often there so I’m not surprised that you didn’t know her.
      Yes we’ve done really well so far. xx

  2. daffy says:

    I may be a little unpredictable as a blogger but I think the friendship we have will live long beyond the shelf life of a blog. So how very lovely of you to mention me.
    I’m very sorry however to hear of your sad loss.
    Congratulations on your charity donation! That is a mighty amount and I am sure Gardening Leave will be utterly delighted by it!
    David Attenborough has always made the most watchable documentries!

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy true on both counts, and I’m always happy to give you a mention!
      It’s always sad when we get to hear of someone passing away.
      Thanks, it’s a grand total so far and hopefully will get somewhat higher in the coming weeks.
      Indeed he has! xx

  3. nikkipolani says:

    A nice round up of the comings and goings, Flighty. It’s lovely to have Daffy back posting all manner of things 😉 I’m sorry to hear about a forum friend who’s died.

  4. Doris says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about Ellen. I hope your plants will flourish and bring you good memories of her each time you look at them.

    You are doing such good work by raising money for charity and by being a good friend to others.

  5. Damo says:

    Sorry to hear that Flighty. I read a David Attenborough bio, I think it was “Life On Air”, fascinating man and career.

  6. You never forget who gave you a plant Flighty, I’m sure the seeds when they start growing next year will bring happy memories of Ellen.

  7. Mas says:

    Good morning Mr Flighty,
    well done on the fundraising so far; that’s not bad for a week’s worth. It sounds like a great charity to be part of, and very appropriate choice for you all at ‘Allotments 4 All’. My sympathies with you for the loss of Ellen. Like other’s have said, when the seeds grow hope that they’ll bring many happy memories.

    It is good to see Daffy back again (I’m going to have to pop over there in a bit and catch up); and it’s good to see others returning (like your Japanese friend) – not to mention those who never stopped – like Lady Drid (which is a name I remember from my 20six days – it’s good to see people are still using it!); it is sad when people do stop though – hopefully it’s a temporary sabbatical and not a blog abandonment (I know it’s sometimes hard to keep writing for whatever reason – be it time, pressures or what-have-you)

    The Attenborough’s Journey show sounds promising; I like those kind of things — although, I’ve nearly abandoned my TV viewing completely these days (so I’ll have to watch for it on DVD — assuming they put it out in the future)

    Have a good day there, and enjoy your weekend!

    • Flighty says:

      Mas hello! Yes the fundraising has got off to a terrific start. Thanks I shall certainly remember her through these flowers.
      Yes it’s good that Daffy, and others including yourself, still continue to blog even if it’s somewhat intermittently. It’s surprising at just how long some people have been blogging. When people stop suddenly and unannounced I always wonder why and if they’re okay.
      Like you I watch very little TV nowadays but this has to be a programme to see.
      Thanks, and to you too!

  8. Carrie says:

    oh Flighty how I miss you and being able to sit online at my leisure sharing stories. Count down to internet at home has begun – 2nd November! 🙂

  9. Louise says:

    Many happy, and many sad events take place in the world of blogging. x

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