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Whilst I have often mentioned ring-necked parakeets I’ve only seen them on the plot a few times. Back in November 2008 when I still had bird feeders I saw one then a few days later took this photo. Squirrels destroyed the feeders which I didn’t replace and it wasn’t until last Monday that I saw another one perched on this sunflower. Needless to say that once again I had muddy hands and the camera was in the shed. However it was fascinating to watch and although they are somewhat skittish they do seem to be getting bolder.

I shall grow some of these giant singles again but will have to consider whereabouts, and to make sure that I properly stake and tie them as I lost a couple this year.

The other Michaelmas daisies are now flowering. This is a white variety which has masses of very small starry flowers which I really like Last year I dug up, cooked and ate some Jerusalem artichokes which I had grown but wasn’t keen on them so I left the rest in the south-east corner to grow again just for the foliage and flowers. The ones I didn’t use I replanted in the top north-west corner to add some height to that area.  They’re now around nine feet high and have floweredI’m holding the stem forward to take this photo otherwise you wouldn’t see what wonderful flowers they are.

The outlook this coming week is for dry, sunny but colder weather. A couple of nights it may dip to almost zero which could give an air frost which will sadly herald the end for the flowers which have given me so much pleasure over the past weeks.


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22 Responses to Bits and bobs

  1. Damo says:

    My artichokes are flowering too, although not as tall as last year between 5 and 7 feet although I didn’t water at all through the dry spell which may have affected them. No parakeets here, it would be nice to see something more exotic than woodpigeons!

    • Flighty says:

      Damo mine vary from between five and ten feet, and I don’t water them at all! I’m sure that you’ll see, or more likely hear, some one day and woodpigeons are what I usually see as well.

  2. Glo says:

    The number of buds on your Michaelmas daisies are mind boggling! The yellow flower against the blue sky is gorgeous. I think that would brighten anyone’s day, and be a super photo to look at in the upcoming colder season. We don’t have any parakeets flying around here, ring necked or otherwise, so I can imagine they’re interesting birds to see. It sounds like we are experiencing similar weather ~ time for warm socks!

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it sure is and, as you can see, unlike the mauve varity they don’t all flower at once. Yes I’m well pleased with that photo.
      I more often hear than see them, as they’re noisy birds with a distinctive call. Their colour and size surprises people when they see them for the first time.
      Yes I’ve got my socks ready! xx

  3. Jenny Aspin says:

    I’m having trouble with squirrels attacking my bird feeders too. 😦

  4. Doris says:

    Lovely flowers beautifully photographed. The parakeet on the feeder was something special to see too!

  5. Jo says:

    What a shame about the bird feeders, they used to attract a lot of birds to your plot. Those pesky squirrels have a lot to answer for. I’ve just cut down my sunflowers and taken the heads in to the greenhouse to dry. I’ll put them out for the birds to snack on then. The Jerusalem artichokes have lovely flowers, well worth growing them for even if you don’t like to eat them.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo yes it is, and I especially miss seeing the blue tits! They do indeed. That sounds like a good idea.
      I’ve really grown them to add some height to the plot as well as for the flowers. xx

  6. Louise says:

    Not sure I would want to eat a Jerusalem Artichoke, but I would certainly grow the plant for the flowers. Great to see those parakeets, and in the wild too! Thanks for the forecast. I have a day off today, and tomorrow. Hope to get out in the garden sometime? x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise I found that they tasted rather bland. It sure is!
      Lucky you, I hope that you get to do some gardening. It was nice here today once the sun came out. xx

  7. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, I love the sunny faces of those artichoke flowers against your fall blue skies. And those michaelmas daisies are cheery indeed. I always wondered how you managed to keep your sunflowers standing when there aren’t armies of them to hold each other up. Some time ago, there was a magazine story about a family that planted several rows of sunflowers in front of their fence each summer. Kids and wildlife alike enjoyed the 10ft “wall” until fall.

  8. Flighty says:

    Nikki I’m rather pleased with that photo! The bees love the Michaelmas daisies.
    That’s a great way to grow sunflowers, and they look good as well. With the plot being so exposed I have to stake and tie nearly all the sunflowers, especially the tall ones. xx

  9. Hi Flighty, Firstly I’d like to thank you for your visits in my blog. It’s a pleasure to come here and read your blog’s entries. I love knowing about your life. What beautiful flowers! What beautiful photos! I love the photo you took of the ring-necked parakeet in 2008. I usually see flocks of maritacas flying in the sky. they make too much noise and that’s what has caught my eye.
    Hugs, my friend

    • Flighty says:

      Lady drid hello, I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, and it’s nice to know that you enjoy reading mine.
      I usually see, and indeed hear, just one or two parakeets flying round. Seeing flocks of maritacas must be a wonderful sight!
      Thanks for your kind words. Hugs xx

  10. everything looks so beautiful and vibrant… especially the Jerusalem artichokes. we had our first hard frost the other night. the beans didn’t make it, but the carrots march on. happy gardening!

    • Flighty says:

      Allison@a tasteful garden it certainly all looked good but a frost last night, after rain yesterday, has left them looking rather sad today.
      Thanks, and you too! xx

  11. daffy says:

    I so wish I could get to see a Parakeet in my garden…. I’d swap you for a Jay :o)

  12. Oh Flighty, the artichoke flowers are rather lovely and so are your sunflowers. I also lost a couple last year, a high wind caught me out before I had the chance to properly stake them all. Funny that, talking about wind on the same subject as Jerusalem artichokes!!!

    • Flighty says:

      Karen yes I was surprised at just how lovely artichoke flowers are. I grow lots of sunflowers, six varieties this year, so there’ll be lots of photos hopefully.
      I lost some as well! I staked and tied them in a rush on a really windy day then forgot to check them later on. As a consequence a few got decapitated as I’d tied them far to tight! This year I’ll do them early and properly. xx

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