Downs and ups!

Last week was a bit of a down week all round as far as I was concerned. Too many minor niggles coupled with some rather indifferent weather when I wanted to go plotting meant that I was slightly unsettled for a few days.

Thankfully it’s been a rather different story this week as I’ve spent two really good mornings on the plot.

Mind you I was approaching the plot on Monday and about twenty feet away when I noticed a ring-necked parakeet merrily chomping away on one of my sunflowers. At that point it flew off and left me to find this!I’ve now dug up all the Kestrel second early potatoes and not surprisingly they’re mostly smaller than last years, but thankfully untouched by the slugs.  That leaves the Desiree red maincrop ones to dig up which I’ll probably do over the weekend.

All the onions, at least eighty of them, are now at home drying off to be used over the coming months. Again these are smaller than last year being mostly between golf and tennis ball size.

I’m still picking lots of runner beans, most of which I’ve been giving to Callie and Val in the bookshop where I used to work. They’ve also had plenty of courgettes!

I’ve picked the first tomatoes which have been on the windowsill a few days to fully redden and ripen!What has really lifted my spirits this week has been the reappearence of the two robins on, and around, the plot. I’d not realised just how much I’ve missed them and to watch, and listen to, them again has been delightful.

Have a good weekend!


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10 Responses to Downs and ups!

  1. Jo says:

    Sorry to hear that last week was a bit of a downer, but glad to hear that things are on the up again. Those weeks do seem to crop up now and again. I saw your top photo on the UKVeg site but haven’t yet returned to see the comments so I didn’t know it was a parakeet which had caused the damage. What a cheeky thing! You would think it would at least wait until there were seeds to be had. My spuds have been much better this year than last. I had too much slug damage last year, but this year there has been none. I suppose it’s down to the drier season we’ve had. I haven’t dug up any of my maincrop yet either. I love being able to share some of my produce with family and friends, that’s one of the things which makes growing your own so worthwhile for me. I’m sure your friends in the bookshop are very appreciative of their foody gifts. Glad to hear that you’ve picked your first ripe tomatoes, though I thought your’s would have been ready to harvest before mine. I suppose it’s because mine have been grown in a greenhouse rather than on the plot. What variety have you grown? Nice to hear that the robins are back. They haven’t brought their offspring with them yet then?

    • Flighty says:

      Jo thanks, I expect to have a day or two like that now and again but a week of it gets a bit wearing!
      I leave the sunflower heads for the birds but as you say I wish these would wait for them to finish flowering.
      My spuds, although perhaps smaller, are better this year as there is very little slug damage thankfully.
      Yes they’re appreciative for all I give them, and in return I still get a staff discount!
      Plot neighbour Joe gave me the tomato plants that I’m growing so they’re unknown varieties! Next year I shall have another go at growing from seed, probably Gardener’s Delight and Outside Girl.
      I’ve not seen any young robins on the allotments just this pair in the past week or so, which I’m assuming are the same ones as earlier in the year. xx

  2. Doris says:

    Glad to hear that things are looking up. Those tomatoes look delicious! Nice that the Robins are back.

    • Flighty says:

      Doris thanks, this week has been much better! I’ve eaten a couple of the tomatoes and as you say they were delicious. Yes indeed, seeing them puts a smile on my face! xx

  3. mrs K says:


    If we did not have ‘down days’ then we would not have ‘up days’. On a down day I have comfort food which for me is two eggs and chips with tomato sauce and stewed apples and custard. Its amazing how dipping chips in yolk and sauce makes me smile.

    Neighbour (young couple) just been with potatoes, courgettes, beans and tomatoes. Boy am I glad I got them interested in gardening 4 years ago and this is their first season with the allotment. He tells me the grapevines I bought for then for Christmas are thriving and is going to take photos. Yippee.

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K how very true, the occasional down day I don’t mind but when it’s a week then I do! Egg and chips sounds good to me!
      It looks like you’ve got good, and generous, neighbours there. I have a grapevine on the plot which has grown well this year but no grapes as yet! xx

  4. Ellie says:

    I felt the same – and I was chatting to my farmer neighbours this morning and the wife said she spent the past week nearly in tears because of having to watch the rain and wind turn their 100 plus acres of corn black. It was so depressing, but thankfully today is wonderful and the forecast is good for the week ahead.

    Naughty parakeet! I’ve never seen one though, so it would make a welcome change from the damage caused by the wood pigeons.

    And those tomatoes look delicious. I grew St Pierre tomatoes for slicing and they smell wonderful when fully ripe. Have a good week on the plot.

    • Flighty says:

      Ellie so I read! To see that happening must be heartbreaking. Yes sunny days but cool nights which suits me.
      They’ve joined the baddies list which includes pigeons, squirrels, rats and mice!
      Yes I eaten a couple and they sure are, and picked a few more today.
      Thanks! xx

  5. Damo says:

    Bet those ripening toms brightened your day? I have a glut of them at the moment, some of the plants seem to be dieing back a bit so I’ve picked all those with any colour and have them laid out on trays on the windowsill to ripen. I think some pasta sauce is called for.

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