Another two on TV

Tonight on BBC2 at 8.00pm is Natural World: The Himalayas which according to the Radio Times is An absorbing journey deep into – and up – the Himalayas to reveal its extraordindarily abundant animal life, including my favourite the snow leopard.  The programme is  being shown again on BBC2 Sunday at 5.00pm.

Anything that highlights the shocking waste of perfectly good food that is thrown away every day in this country has to be a good thing. The Great British Waste Menu next Wednesday on BBC1 at 8.30pm does just that. Four top chefs source unwanted food from supermarkets, farms and homes to create mouthwatering dishes. Retailers bin an incredible 400,000 tons of food every year that is misshapen, blemished or the wrong size. How crazy is that!

Have a good weekend!


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4 Responses to Another two on TV

  1. Jo says:

    It’s infuriating just how much good food is thrown away for different reasons. I’m sure that will be a very interesting programme. I know you won’t miss the Himalaya programme if it’s highlighting Snow Leopards.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo it’s also annoying how little we’re all doing to change that, excluding you and me of course as I’m sure that you, like me, wastes very little!
      It’ll be a real treat watching them in their natural habitat. xx

  2. Glo says:

    Interesting and informative programs to watch, Flighty!

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