Flighty’s five faves

This is a variation on a post that Nikki, and others,  does every week under the title fff (five faves friday).

1…Following my recent mentions of a fox, robin, tadpoles and the washing up bowl pond Glo has written this delightful Once apond a time poem!

2…I  still look at an awful lot of aircraft pictures on the net and just occasionally come across one like this.

3…Flowering on the plot is love-in-a-mist Persian Jewels

4…The owl and the pussycat!

5…Next week is Recycle Week.


About Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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14 Responses to Flighty’s five faves

  1. Jo says:

    What a good idea to list your five faves, I enjoyed following the links. What a lovely story about the owl and the pussycat, I do hope the owl got to safety.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo thanks, it’s always good to know that people look at the links. I’m sure it did as the lion wouldn’t have wanted a mouthful of feathers would it! xx

  2. VP says:

    What a fab five 🙂 Here’s a sixth ‘cos it’s now Sunday 😉

    It’s also national insect week!

  3. nikkipolani says:

    I like these fives! Those nigellas are gorgeous – hope they reseed well for you 🙂 And I like the links, too. That’s quite a twist on the “pussycat”! That Glo is a genius with words.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki thanks, I always enjoy your fffs too!
      Yes the nigellas have reseeded and are now scattered around the plot.
      Glo sure is, and this poem made me smile with delight! xx

  4. Glo says:

    It’s lovely to a have my poem as one of your favorites 🙂 Thanks and I’m pleased you liked it. As I was looking back through your posts to find a suitable photo for the poem, I realized once again what a lot of thought and interest you put into your blog postings. They are always a delight to read and your photos are super ~ although the fuzzy fox was funny 😉

    Re: Owl and pussycat ~ I wonder if that owl was white when it landed, or paled significantly at the sight meeting its larger than life eyeballs 😉

    Terrific aircraft shot, silhouetted against the sunset.

    I always enjoy Nikki’s fff, too.

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it’s a well deserved top of list fave! Your kinds words are like being given a (gentle) pat of congratulation on the back. I find that I not only enjoy doing this blog but I’m continually learning new things whilst doing so.
      I figured that the lion knew that the owl would be little more than a mouthful of feathers so left it alone!
      That aeroplane image would make a great desktop background!
      Nikki’s fff posts are always a great way to end the week. xx

  5. Those truly are fab fives. Loved the Owl and Pussycat, no surprises there. Love in a mist is flowering here too, love it, it’s such a dainty flower.

    Have a great week,

    Yolanda XX

  6. lady_drid says:

    What interesting links! I loved all of them and I loved to know your love-in-a-mist flowers, I’ve never seen these flowers. Hugs.

  7. Louise says:

    Hi again Flighty! I haven’t been blogging so much lately and wanted to catch up with a few of yours posts. I am so glad you have mentioned aircraft in this one, great photo by the way. I just wanted to tell you that at midday today the Red Arrows flew low over Worthing, I presume as part of the Armed Forces Day. I had no idea it was scheduled, so I was so excited, I still am! Also, my Dad is off to Biggin Hill this weekend. Anyway back to the post. My garden has blue, white and a few pink love-in-the mist, it does a very good job of self-seeding, not that I really mind. I shall be reading through your recycling link, as I recycle a lot! I can’t believe that photo! Even though I love big cats, I love owls more. Have you studied the look on that baby owl’s face, as if it’s thinking ‘you don’t look like me’! I am very relieved the penny dropped, and it flew to safety, before the lion was due for another feed! I shall pop over to read Glo’s poem, she really does have such a talent for verse. Have a good Sunday Flighty. x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise hello again, I keep meaning to do an ocasional aircraft post but never do!
      It’s always good to see the Red Arrows, especially in good weather, and I hope that your dad enjoys the air show.
      I’ve only got a few pink love-in-mist too!
      I’m glad that you like the links, and I’m also a fan a bigs cats and owls.
      Glo’s way with words is brilliant.
      Thanks, and you too! xx

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