This week and next

I watched Springwatch, 2010,  Signs of Change with Chris Packham earlier this week which I thoroughly enjoyed thanks in part to good, almost understated,  presentation and a thankful lack of gimmicks and hype.

Last nights Springwatch, 2010, City Living with Simon King was just as interesting and informative. It showed  that there really is an amazing diversity of wildlife to be seen in cities.

If you missed either of these then it’s well worth catching up with them on IPlayer.

Next week is the Chelsea Flower Show which for many is the highlight of the gardening year, although I have to confess that it isn’t for me as I not a fan of this prestigious event.

Needless to say there is lots of  coverage on TV starting on BBC 1 Sunday at 5.30pm and continuing through the week daytimes on BBC1 and evenings on BBC2.  I probably won’t watch watch as much as I’d like to as both presenters, Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift, do rather irritate me!

What I do hope to see is the garden that Thrive, the charity that I support as a good cause, have there this year. The entry, in the urban garden category, is the Unexpected Garden which reflects the charities principles and practices. I hope that as well as an award that there is plenty of media and public interest in both the garden and the good work that the charity does.

Have a good weekend!


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12 Responses to This week and next

  1. Have a good weekend flighty, I think it will be a warm one.

  2. Jo says:

    I’ve taped City Living so that I can watch it when I get chance. I’m looking forward to all the coverage of Chelsea next week, I usually tape all the programmes so that I don’t miss anything.

  3. Doris says:

    I was disappointed to find that the Springwatch video is “not available in your area”. It looked interesting.
    I had some nice wildlife sightings last Sunday and hope to repeat it this week-end. Have a nice week-end. Doris

    • Flighty says:

      Doris I’m sorry I should have said in the UK only!
      That’s good, I hope that we get to see some of the photos you undoubtably took and will take.
      Thanks, you too! xx

  4. Louise says:

    Flighty, the Chelsea Flower Show is a major highlight of my year! Even though I work on most days, I record everything, and am even catching up with it months later! I always enjoy muttering under my breath and chuckling to myself, alongside the TV people who irritate me! Somehow, I have managed to watch both Springwatch specials, inbetween the OH’s Sky Sports! x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise I do like parts of it, and suppose that it’s the presentation which I find somewhat off putting!
      I particularly enjoyed the Chris Packham one, which slightly surprised me, rather than the other one which covered more familiar territory. xx

  5. mrs K says:

    Flighty, I will look out for the ‘Thrive’ as I will watch Chelsea.

    Finally launched the support group and DVD take a look at under News and Events and also the DVD link.

    I am glad it was done and dusted before Springwatch et al and have you been watching the guy on the Hebrides.

    Yes, it does not matter how busy I am I drop in and catch up every week and also at Uphilldowndale.

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K I will to, and hope that they do well.
      Good for you, I’ve bookmarked the link and I’ll have a look over the weekend.
      I’m looking forward to Springwatch, and have only seen some of the other one.
      That’s nice to know, and Uphilldowndale is one of my favourites as well. Take care! xx

  6. menhir says:

    Back breaking and I hope not disappointing for me, I have been brave in my part of the world trying to do a tiny bit of what you have. I am already envying your capacity to see such early and swift growth.

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir good for you! We all have problems and disappointments but it’s all worthwhile wherever you garden and wherever you are.
      Just remember that also means lots of weeds, along with blackfly, etc, so there’s no need to be too envious! xx

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