Busy but cold!

Whilst plotting on  Monday morning both robins were my constant companions, often at less than arm’s length away at eye level on the canes or down between my feet! It was clear that they were feeding youngers as they rarely stopped to feed themselves and usually flew off with beaks full of insects.   The pair at home have been equally busy and earlier in the week I thought that I saw a baby one as well. That was confirmed yesterday lunchtime as I saw both adults and two youngsters all together  just outside the back door!

Rather surprisingly, and somewhat worryingly for many, it was frosty early on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Walking round the allotments it became apparent just how cold it had been as I could see that plants such potatoes, broad beans and  grape vines had all been badly frost scorched! Even my elder tree had some black leaves from top to bottom. Apart from that it was just my potato leaves that suffered, but which  will grow back.  It’s been the talk of the gardening forums since then with some people having lost various climbing beans and sweetcorn, both of which had been planted out too early but at least it’s not too late to sow more seeds.

Yesterday I started sowing flower seeds including love-in-a-mist, pot marigolds, various sunflowers and sweet peas.

The plot plant of the week has to be the perennial, or mountain, cornflowerwhich started flowering

Tomorrow is the start of British Tomato Week. I have to admit that my attempt to grow my own has been pretty dismal so I shall be reverting to Plan B.  More on that another time!

Happy gardening!


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14 Responses to Busy but cold!

  1. Jo says:

    I wonder if the robins will bring their babies to your plot, It would be nice to have a family around. Many people have lost things on their plots due to the frost. I’m quite glad I’m a little behind now with not much planted out. Apparently it’s supposed to be warming up again this week. Your cornflower is lovely, again you’re ahead of me, mine aren’t showing any signs of flowering yet.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I’ll be well pleased if they do!
      Yes it seems to have caught out lots of folks. It’s looking much better, and considerably, warmer this coming week so anything planted now will soon catch up.
      I suppose your cornflowers will be a few weeks yet!

  2. Ellie says:

    Bad luck about the frost. It has been very unseasonally cold, and I did half-heartedly wrap a fleece around the runner and climbing french beans. Luckily, we survived. A lot of the veg growth seems to have been checked – and because I’ve grown lettuces, borecole, spinach, carrots and climbing french beans in the greenhouse border, it has been enlightening how much the difference that glass panes makes (as the Tomato Grower commented).

    No sign of baby birds in our garden, sadly. Just baby rats – grrrr!

    • Flighty says:

      Ellie thankfully I didn’t really lose anything. The cool weather seems to have held everything back for the the past few weeks but I’m sure that it’ll soon catch up.
      That’s a shame! You need a wondering cat or two to see the rats off. xx

  3. Carrie says:

    Oh Flighty you’re a grandparent to cute fluffy robins – THAT is wonderful!!
    Love your cornflower, what a delicious strong blue. And thanks for the tip off about Tomato week I shall make sure ours get an extra nice talking to 🙂
    Busy is good – cold is not, stay wrapped up or you could end up like me – flu now into its 3rd week!

    • Flighty says:

      Carrie they’re typical youngsters as they eat too much and make too much noise…I do love them though!
      Sadly that intense blue only lasts a day or two then noticably fades.
      No worries about me getting cold and today was much warmer.
      I’m sorry to see that you’re still not feeling too good and hope you get well soon! Take care! xx

  4. Doris says:

    Nice pictures and nice to hear about the robins. I hope you will have lots of sightings and that the youngsters will be your companions too.

  5. lynda says:

    Lovely photos
    The cold has killed off a few of my plants!
    Now it’s just wet here!

    • Flighty says:

      Lynda thanks! I think that many gardeners lost something.
      It was sunny here this morning but has gradually clouded over during the day, but no rain!
      Take care! xx

  6. Damo says:

    Hope the frost wasn’t too bad, my spuds got a nip and my prize cucumbers in the greenhouse are dead, other than that everything seems to be thriving. 25 degrees this weekend, how quickly it all changes!

    • Flighty says:

      Damo bad enough, the allotments being rather open and exposed! The spuds will grow back but I’m sorry that you lost the cucumbers. As you say it’s surprising how it varies so much so quickly!

  7. Liz says:

    I said in an earlier comment that your newly sprouted perennial cornflower leaves looked like lambs ears. It must have been the light, because in these picture, they don’t have the “fuzz”.

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