Feathered friends

My early morning routine has changed somewhat since I’ve been scattering bird food – a mix of seed, peanuts (whole and crushed), porridge oats and some days half a crumbled fat ball – out back.

I put the kettle on,  scatter the seed, make a cup of tea and then go into the back room by which time there are nearly always some birds on the grass feeding.

There are the regular pairs of blackbirds and robins, a handful of starlings and wood pigeons galore.

Two magpies are appearing more often and even a carrion crow on occasion.

I thought that a couple of blue tits, which are always visible up in the trees, were venturing onto the ground around the two small conifers,but now I’m not so sure as during the week I’ve seen two great tits there.

Another bird that I’m now seeing everyday is a colourful male chaffinch like this one.

I’m not the only one who’s been happy to see one as  Ellie wrote in her Wildlife Special yesterday.

Mind you I’m glad that she lives on the  Isle of Wight as I’d rather not see the creature that she took a photo of, and which definitely gives me the heebie-jeebies!

The other birds that I’ve now seen feeding on the grass for the past four days are a pair of  jays! This is a bird that until now I’ve rarely ever caught more than a fleetingly glimpse of so to get a good look at these two like this is wonderful!

On the allotment site Trevor thinks that  long-tailed tits are building a nest in his fig tree.  Fingers crossed as these are the most delightful little birds.

I’m rather thankful that most mornings I don’t have to go out early and can spend some time looking out the the window at our feathered friends. It’s such a good way to start the day!

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25 Responses to Feathered friends

  1. Jenny Aspin says:

    I had a long tailed tit at my bird table the other week, Flighty and there are lots of blue tits and great tits – when the squirrels aren’t stealing their food. 😉

  2. Jo says:

    You’ve got a good selection of birds visiting, it’s fascinating watching their antics. I had a pair of goldfinches in the garden last week which I was really excited about as I’ve never seen them before.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I’m surprised at just how many different ones I’ve seen so far. Yes as you say watching them is fascinating.
      Lucky you, I know they are hereabouts and would love to see some out back or on the plot! xx

  3. nikkipolani says:

    Your own on-demand variety bird show 🙂 That’s terrific that you’re seeing more jays. We get lots of jays swooping through the garden — drives the cats bananas and gets them clacking away.

  4. Doris says:

    Nice post! You are so lucky to have such a variety of birds!

  5. mrs K says:

    Today, we fed a Sparrow Hawk by accident!!

    We were doing the usual, feeding ‘the Charm’ who are now nesting in their flats in the hedge around the edge of the field, which the Council do not cut until end of February after many complaints.

    Jackdaws, Blue Tits, Finches (including pair of Bullfinches) Woodpeckers et al.

    OK, I live on the edge of a village, in the middle of a green belt, with water meadows in view.

    But 20 minutes from a large city and the Metro Centre.

    Back to the Sparrow Hawk.

    I had some bits of steak, the bits you can’t cook when you a making a stew – sinews and fat etc so out to the bin. His nibs was watching from his usual perch on top of the conservatory – so put it on the top of the bird table (when he is around, no other birds are – swoop and it is eaten so delicately.

    First time I have done that and I was mesmerised – s/he was so beautiful.

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K lucky you seeing all those! I know hedge cutting like that has been, and still is, a problem.
      I’m told that a sparrowhawk is seen at the other end of the allotment site but I’ve yet to see it. Seeing one as you did must be such a wonderful sight!
      Take care! xx

  6. menhir says:

    That’s a lovely colourful bird visitor you have.

    Not long ago I saw an owl sitting on the stone dyke opposite the separation fence we have between the farm and our home. By the time I’d got the camera it had disappeared.

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir it’s surprising just how varied their colours are.
      Lucky you seeing an owl like that! I’d love to see one in the wild again as it’s been years since I last did. xx

  7. Ellie says:

    It doesn’t take birds very long to work out where a regular, good food supply is. I’m surprised your Blue Tits haven ‘t made an appearance; the ones in my garden are very bossy and possessive and will stand on top of the feeder pole stamping their feet to drive away other birds! Hope the Long-Tailed Tits do nest, they are a delight to watch.

    • Flighty says:

      Ellie it sure doesn’t, and nearly always first in the queue are the wood pigeons!
      I see blue tits up the trees but they’re not generally ground feeders so their absence is not that surprising.
      We hope so to, and I’ll let you know what happens! xx

  8. alison says:

    wow! what a splendid parade of birds, love the robin banner. have a lovely time with the birds!

  9. Anvilcloud says:

    Hi: Thought I would visit from Doris’s blog. With your common interest in birds, I can understand how and why you found each other.

    • Flighty says:

      Anvilcloud hello and welcome! I found her blog through our lovely friend Daffy.
      I enjoy wildlife, and especially bird, photo blogs so Doris’s is a firm favourite! Cheers.

  10. daffy says:

    Well this reminds me of the good old days when I did my fair share of twitching! Soon the weather will improve and I’ll be able to see out of the windows on an evening after work and hopefully I’ll get to see the birds again!
    You and your Jays! :o) I think all the birds are adopting you… not just the pair of Robins we spoke of.
    Oh and my ears are burning! Have you been talking about me…. *reads* lovely…. me? hehe
    Mrs K’s comment has made me want to go check back on my blog archives for an entry I did about the Sparrowhawk. I fed the one that visits us by accident but I fed it with a little bird! (Well, not quite)
    Mrs K… are we neighbours? :o)
    Lovely entry Mi… ‘erm Flighty! :o) Forgot where I was for a minute! xxx

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it when you do start watching them again!
      I didn’t see my jays this morning, mind you it was raining and none of the other birds were about either!
      I’m always talking about you…so your ears must be forever tingling!
      I remember your sparrowhawk antics.
      Thanks Tr… ‘erm Daffy! Now where am I? xx

  11. mrs K says:



    I have a feeling from your blog, Chester-le Street way. Up the highside – west?

    mrs K

  12. daffy says:

    Mrs K, You are right… very close to Ch-le-St. :o)
    I wonder if we have ever wandered past eachother in the Food Court of the Metro Centre! hehe

  13. mrs K says:

    No these days Daffy, not able to get out and about much. But when a ‘pusher’ comes, I prefer a visit to the coast.

    Visit http://www.pmr-gca-northeast.org.uk

    Guess which one I am and then give me a ring and drop in for a ‘cuppa’.

    Oh and Flighty, the National Charity was launched formally on 10 March 2010.

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