Plot white!

It’s a cold but sunny day here so before lunch I went for a walk through the ecoclogy park where I saw some goldfinches flying in and out of the trees.

On the allotment site it was clear that no-one else had been there today as there were only fox paw prints to be seen. The plot looked like this

I filled both ponds with water and scattered some bird seed on the ground then took a few more photos including the snowy teasels

and the aptly named Iceberg rose!

On the way out of the site I met John who had his son’s dog

Lucy with him who he looks after most of the week. Unlike Jodi who I mentioned yesterday she’s much more lively and likes to have a fuss made of her.

We had a quick chat then it was home for lunch.


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10 Responses to Plot white!

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Love the first snow white blanket to cover the plot!

  2. Carrie says:

    utterly beautiful new header now thanks to the snow. Oh, makes me all cold just looking at your plot, we haven’t got snow here.

    • Flighty says:

      Carrie thanks I just wish that it was a little bit lighter!
      I didn’t linger as the plot is very exposed and it was rather chilly! Lucky you as I’m not really keen on snow. xx

  3. Jennyta says:

    Do you know, I haven’t seen any goldfinches this year. Last year there were lots around here.

  4. Glo says:

    Oh, lovely snowy teasels, which line up for a perfect winter header! Pristine snow is the best ~ it enables you to see that one or more of the fox family were out for a stroll.

    Nice that John has Lucy to liven things up. I bet she misses Jodi, too.

    As far as the winter cold ~ My question is ~ Is it cold enough for your bed socks to make an appearance sticking out the end? LOL That still makes me chuckle away!

    • Flighty says:

      Glo the teasels look wonderful like that. It is indeed and it was interesting to see where the foxes had been.
      I think that looking after Lucy helps John, and I’m sure you’re right that she misses Jodi as well.
      It’s cold enough for thermal beds socks, and the sheet is well tucked in at the end to stop my feet poking out!
      Cold toes are no chuckling matter! xx

  5. daffy says:

    Very wintry! Lucy looks lovely! I love her little face.

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