End of the season!

Wednesday and Thursday mornings were sunny, although still very windy,  so I spent both of them working on the plot. That included doing some digging as I was surprised to find that the ground wasn’t as claggy as I thought it would be.

You may remember that  in this post back in July I said that I was going to sow some quick growing oriental crops. I did that and some of them, the broccoli and cabbage seedings, were just as quickly eaten by the pigeons!  I’m not keen on stir-frys so a couple of plot neighbours took up my offer to help themselves to whatever was there once it had grown.  On Thursday I harvested the remaining Radish China Rose

The small one in the right hand photo is marble sized! I might eat the  couple of small ones but as for the rest…  That just leaves a handful of Mustard Leaf Osaka Purple and Pak Choi Tatsoi Tah Tsai (?) in the ground.

Looking at the post I linked to above I see that it included the first pot marigolds.  Well nearly five months later they’re still flowering!

One other pleasing sight was the green tip of a  rather eager mini daffodil

It’s got noticably colder the past couple of days and there could well be a frost tomorrow night as the temperature is forecast to be 0C.  If there is that will be the first proper frost here and surely heralds the end of the season!


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10 Responses to End of the season!

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Those radishes look really nice, Flighty. Hopefully, you chose a variety that doesn’t have a bite — many late season ones (in my meager experience) tend to be very sharp in flavor. And that marigold just wants to keep plugging away! As for the daff…. will it make it until the real growing season?

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki I kept the two small ones and gave the rest away this morning as they’re rather too peppery for me!
      The pot marigolds have been brilliant so there’ll be lots more next year.
      Yes it’ll be okay as daffodils are very hardy but ones in pots mustn’t get frozen roots, which even in a very cold winter here is unlikely to happen. xx

  2. VP says:

    I grew China Rose once and then made the mistake of letting it self seed. Looks like you’ve been much better at clearing away your late harvest than I was!

    Here’s to a nice time in front of the fire, dreaming of how good our plots will be next year.

    • Flighty says:

      VP I let some of my summer ones do that!
      With the dire weather lately I think that we’ve all been doing that. I’ve been thinking about what annual flowers to grow next year again this afternoon! xx

  3. Chippy says:

    They reckon five below and snow on the way up here………Brrrrrrrr!!!

  4. daffy says:

    I love radish(es?) They look pretty tasty! :o)
    Yes, I think my dad is about ready to clear out a few last pots! The weather has been wet and gloomy for the most part of the weekend and I’m sure that the rain this morning has snowflakes inside of it! Stay warm and dry.
    Oh! Nearly forgot to mention! Your flower, the marigolds are looking lovely! xxx

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy these are decidedly peppery, I prefer them crisp, juicy with just a hint of flavour!
      It’s been the same here over the weekend and this morning. I most certainly will!
      They have been real stars, and I’ll be growing lots again next year. xx

  5. lady_drid says:

    Have a great time this season! I wonder how many mugs of hot chocolate will be consumed at this time. And here …it’s always hot. hugs

    • Flighty says:

      Lady drid hello, and thanks! Lots as it’s a very popular drink when it’s cold, wet and windy like it has been.
      Lucky you! Take care, and hugs, Flighty xx

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