Back to nature

National Tree Week started yesterday and continues through to Sunday 6th December during which the BBC is attemping a world record with Tree O’Clock.

I have three trees on the plot. There is an elder which has more than doubled in height this year and is now well over four feet tall. The  common hawthorn is a couple of feet high and my mighty oak is approaching a milestone one foot!

I wonder just how many years it’ll take to be like NiC’s magnificent oak!

I came across this interesting and informative wildlife article earlier in the week,  and also this superb jay photo.

I appreciate that I’ve not been mentioning nature and wildlife programmes lately but I’ve been watching virtually no TV!  However I shall sit down and watch Gardeners’ World:Women and Gardening which is on BBC2 8.00pm tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, and happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!


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8 Responses to Back to nature

  1. Nikkipolani says:

    So your alllotment allows trees on plots, then? But I’m sure you’re right in supposing it will be a while before you can sit under these trees’ shade!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki no we’re not allowed to plant trees but these were already there!
      I’ll make sure that the elder and hawthorn remain as shrubs, and the oak is so slow growing that it’ll be a good few years before I’ll need to ‘deal’ with it. xx

  2. Glo says:

    Nice to see young Oakley looking so well. Interesting about Tree O’oclock. There are three conifers growing in the back garden by the fence that my youngest son planted as seedlings about 16 years ago and they have grown! The birds love them, too.

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it was then but it’s leafless now! Yes it’ll be interesting to see how they get on.
      With so much wildlife dependent on trees it’s vital that we do things like that. xx

  3. menhir says:


    I smiled when I read tree o’ clock. I suppose I was meant to. I had an Irish voice from my youth, saying this in my ear, with a lovely kilkenny burr. It sounded so great, it almost willed you onto creating as many tree o’clocks as you possibly and feasibly could! 🙂

    I saw bits of the women and gardening, mostly during the advert breaks on another channel. I don’t watch much TV, and neither do I tend to hop channels, but if I do watch something that is interfered with by ghastly adverts, then hop I shall.

    On reflection, I think, with my limited gardening interest, the W&G bits I saw were sufficient unto the day. Much of the historical stuff and the gardens I have seen and had knowledge of. I just wonder how many new slants you can put on something that has already been well trod and with quality.

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir I wonder if that was considered when they thought of the name!
      I enjoyed the women and gardening programme, which I’m sure will have been of interest to many viewers.
      Anyway it seems to have been well received compared to the recent Gardeners’ World series which I, and others, have given up watching. xx

  4. menhir says:

    oops punctuation missing; it should read,

    Much of the historical stuff, and the gardens, I have seen, and had knowledge of. I just wonder how many new slants you can put on something that has already been well trod and with quality.

    It would be so nice to have a’ leafy’ edit facility. Unfortunately, it is easier to see typos and oopsies, after they have been submitted.

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