Sow Grow Eat Enjoy

Last week I ordered, and received, most of the vegetable seeds that,  hopefully,  I’ll  be growing next year.

Because I only have a small half-plot and grow just for myself I got them from MoreVeg who supply seeds in realistic quantities, and don’t charge p&p on orders over £6.  I used them last year and have found them to be an excellent company to deal with.

Looking at what I grew this year, and what I really enjoy eating,  I decided on the following for next year.

Broad bean Medes,  Runner bean Desiree,  Beetroot Burpee’s Golden;  Carrots Little FingersParis Market Atlas and Yellowstone (Organically sourced); Cucumber Marketmore (O/s), Lettuce Mix red/green salad bowl, Sweet Corn Double Standard O/s); Tomato Amateur and Gardener’s Delight (O/s).

By concentrating on these next year I’m sure that I should be able to do even better than I did this year.

MoreVeg says Sow Grow Eat Enjoy which is something that I’m rather looking forward to doing!


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25 Responses to Sow Grow Eat Enjoy

  1. Carrie says:

    oh I love posts that are happy and positive; let’s pretend winter isn’t happening and all talk about spring and new life and tasty greens yummmm.

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Lots to look forward to, Flighty! Those chubby carrots look really cute. That they grow quickly and in shallow soil is terrific. Do you get good germination rates? I see the tomato seeds come with 12.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki yes indeed! I’ll be going into a bit more detail in forthcoming posts, as well as writing about what annual flowers I’ll be sowing and growing next year.
      I know nothing about those particular carrots so we’ll have to wait and see!
      I’m determined to grow tomatoes next year and will be well pleased, and surprised, if all 12 seeds of each varity grow. If they do I’ll have a bit of a problem where to put them all! xx

      • nikkipolani says:

        Are the tomatoes expected to be very big plants? I once ignorantly planted five within one square meter space and wound up with a massive tomato mound.

        • Flighty says:

          They can be with ‘indeterminate’ varieties growing several metres high if left unchecked!
          Regardless of the variety you need to leave about 18″ between plants and 30″ between rows. xx

  3. mrs K says:

    Remember Hanging Baskets, for those smaller varieties. Mind my neighbours big variety (no name he could remember) did very well in the hanging basket.

  4. Georgie says:

    Well Flighty, that sounds very restrained but I bet you get tempted by a few other varieties before the spring! 😀

    • Flighty says:

      Georgie you’re so right as I’m still thinking about courgettes, leeks, radishes, spring onions and swedes/turnips.
      Joe gave some ‘Barlotta’ beans and I’ve got a packet of pumpkin ‘Hooligan F1’ seeds.
      I’m sure there’s something else…! xx

  5. Maureen says:

    I’ve bookmarked that link to MoreVeg, Flighty. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Georgie says:

    Ha ha I knew it!

    G x

  7. menhir says:

    Your veggie plot will be colourful throughout the growing season, which for you, is quite a long one usually.

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir I think that we often overlook that vegetable plants look good as well. I really do appreciate how much longer the season is here compared to where you are! xx

  8. Glo says:

    Flighty ~ I’ve enjoyed your posts, Honest Scraps, the delightful poem and learning about your heap of seeds!

    Re: Honest Scraps – if you want to go for a sleigh ride, or a ride down a lovely snowy hill in a big rubber tube, I’ve got just the place for you ~ the nearby skiing area has 10 feet of snow already! When you showed the photos of bob-sledding, it took me back to when my sons were small and we all piled on a toboggan and ‘flew’ down our snow covered driveway, over the road, and landed on top of each other in a pile of giggles! Often it is so sunny up in the mountains that it is a wonderful change from being on the ‘wet coast’!

    Check it out:

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it’s nice to know that you’ve enjoyed my posts!
      I think that a sleigh ride would be more than enough exitement for me nowadays. I went skiing a few times but never really got the hang of it, or enjoyed it much either.
      Thanks for the link which I’ve been looking at during the day. xx

  9. Glo says:

    I’ve just responded to your post, and it has up and disappeared~ Otherwise somebody else got the comment and won’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll wait to see if I can figure out where it went before re-typing 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Glo sorry about that, WordPress thought it was ‘spam’ so held it back waiting approval!
      I’ll reply to it later on after I’ve looked at the link. xx

  10. sounds like a very lovely crop planned for next year. my seed catalogs are just starting to arrive. now, if only i can show some restraint.

    • Flighty says:

      Allison@a tasteful garden I certainly hope that it will be.
      I’ve been looking through mine trying to decide on what annual flowers to grow, and restraint is proving somewhat problematic! xx

  11. lady_drid says:

    My husband planted some tomatoes and peppers in our backyard; he had a good time doing it. Of course you are a better gardener than him, you are a very dedicated one. Hugs.

    • Flighty says:

      Lady drid hello! I think that enjoying doing it is most important! That’s kind of you to say so but I’m really only a fun gardener.
      Take care, and hugs, Flighty! xx

  12. maria says:

    Please notify me of new posts

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