Remembrance Day 2009

Always & Forever

See also Janeagain’s In Flanders FieldsLa Spice’s In Remembrance, Uphilldowndales’s Remembrance Day and VegPlotting’s Poppy Day.


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14 Responses to Remembrance Day 2009

  1. VP says:

    Thanks Flighty – now I’m going to have my silence.

  2. VP says:

    Talk about a coincidence – I found your post at 10:59, which was a great reminder for what to do next!

  3. deyank says:

    It is Veteran’s Day here, of which I am. From 1966 to 1972 I had 5 tours in (or around) Vietnam. Just the other day I mentioned this to a couple of teens in a fast-food joint and got nothing but a blank look. “Where’s Vietnam?” one of them asked.

    How sad.


  4. nikkipolani says:

    Sacrifices never to be forgotten. Thanks, Flighty.

  5. menhir says:

    Yes, I have viewed two of the Flanders Fields blogs, one yesterday and another today.

    The poem is a powerful reminder.

  6. DON says:

    Peace is very expensive. Freedom belongs only to those who stand up and fight for it.

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