A final flourish

The relatively good, and warm,  weather lately has certainly provided a final flourish thanks to some pot marigoldsDSCN1831and the rose Valentine Heart blooming again! DSCN1811

Plot neighbour George likes growing flowers such as these Michaelmas daisiesDSCN1823He’s very kindly given me a small clump which I’ve planted near the shed.

The pallet patio window box has been planted up with mini daffodils and white crocus, and under the wood chips is wire mesh to stop any wildlife having a dig!DSCN1818As you can see the hydrangea  is now looking somewhat faded.

As I walked towards the site gates during the week a grey squirrel scampered across in front of me and climbed up the willow tree. That’s the first one I’ve seen there although Trevor at the other end of the site has had problems with them in the past.  Glo’s not the only one with a mouse as twice recently I’ve turned back the compost heap cover to see one scoot out of sight!  Both bird feeders were hardly touched for ages but the one with peanuts has started to be used again and I stood watching a magpie pecking away at it the other day.

I’m sure that you’re all wondering how I got on with the Jerusalem artichokes. Well I have to say that I’ve eaten a small amount twice and I really found them rather bland. Thankfully  I wasn’t blown away by them either!  I think that I’ll just dig the rest up, keep some of the tubers to replant next year and enjoy the plants and flowers.


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8 Responses to A final flourish

  1. nikkipolani says:

    How lovely to get a glimpse of your fall garden, Flighty. And how nice of Valentine rose to bloom again for you! You remember the mis-labeled rose that was called “Belinda’s Dream”? I think it looks rather like your Valentine. White with a bit of blush. The Michaelmas daisy looks like it’s really thriving in your plot. My hydrangeas are beginning to look like yours and almost ready for their winter haircut. Enjoy your weekend — this is our weekend to turn back the clock.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki just the best bits as much of it is now bare earth again! The blooms stayed white this time!
      The daisies shown are Georges, just across the grass pathway from my plot! Fingers crossed you’ll see mine next year.
      Thanks, you too! I hope that it’s better there than here as it’s rather unsettled and wet! xx

  2. mrs K says:

    Ah and I was going to use ‘Just blown in from the Windy !!!!!!!

    They definately are better eaten grated and raw over a salad.

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K sorry about that, but seeing as I like Doris Day how about this!

      I don’t often eat salads at this time of year but if I do I’ll try some raw and grated as you suggest! xx

  3. Glory says:

    Hi Mike, I am so pleased you posted a picture of the white rose, Valentine Heart, we have the same rose beside the front door, it is such a pretty rose and keeps on blooming long after the others have finished. And I am also pleased that you posted it’s name which I never knew……………. Thanks,,,,
    gorgeous day today but sharp frost…. luv ya, me,,,g

  4. those Michaelmas daisies are very lovely. i’m a total fan of white botanicals and now i’ve got a new variety to research. thanks!!

    • Flighty says:

      Allison@a tasteful garden in a big group like that they look wonderful. I don’t know the variety but if I find out I’ll let you know.
      I really like white flowers as well! xx

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