Heroes and Heroines…

is the theme of today’s National Poetry Day.

I like that and feel that this poem,  about one of aviation’s most famous heroines Amelia Earhart,  is a good choice.

Amelia by Gill Robb Wilson, 1938

Somewhere a fin on a lazy sea

And a broken prop on a coral key,

Somewhere a dawn whose morning star

Must etch dim light on a broken spar,

Somewhere a twilight that cannot go

Till it kisses the surf with afterglow;

But here, only silence and weary eyes

And an empty hangar and empty skies.

Somewhere the toss of a tousled head

In the secret of the angels overhead,

Somewhere a smile that would never fade

As the score reversed in the game she played,

Somewhere a spirit whose course held true

To do the thing that it wished to do;

But here, only silence and weary eyes

And an empty hangar and empty skies.

On this  Sofa flying blog I’ve linked to the poem Antoine by Dave Nicholls which is about the famous flyer and writer Antoine Saint Exupery, and on this  one I’ve done Ode to My Hero by David A.Morris.

Over the weekend I’ll do a further related post More Heroes and Heroines here mentioning and linking to friends, and fellow bloggers, who have joined in the fun today and did a post, and maybe even a poem, of their own.


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10 Responses to Heroes and Heroines…

  1. VP says:

    What an apt poem for you to write about today Flighty!

    Here’s my contribution for today:



  2. daffy says:

    Perfect Flighty! You have perfectly suited your life long interest to a perfect poem and for a worthy heroine.
    I’ll make sure I call at your other places to gather the heroic poetry.

  3. nikkipolani says:

    Ah, such wistfulness in that poem.

  4. chrisb says:

    Thank you for dropping in to visit me today. This is my first acquaintance with that lovely poem.

  5. Carrie says:

    I’m so pleased to see you support Thrive on your blog. They seem like a great charity, I’m a media volunteer for Mind. In N. Ireland we don’t have either but we can get grants, as one of our plots did from Mindwise. I think we are going to try and hook up with Thrive too. Thank goodness for Ecotherapy. I have a personal blog page, which you can access from my usual page, about my experiences with Ecotherapy, Mind has used it on their website.

    • Flighty says:

      Carrie hello, and welcome!
      Thrive have been my good cause for the past few years, ever since I’ve had the plot. I’ll revisit your blog and have a read about Ecotherapy.
      Take care! xx

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