Yes it’s that time of year again, although if you think that it has come somewhat early then you’re right!

This Autumnwatch also sees a new format with a once a week programme over the next two months starting next Friday 2nd October on BBC2 at 9.00pm.  Note the later time, and it’s being repeated on Saturday  tea-time.

There will the usual line-up of presenters with Simon King, Kate Humble, Chris Packham, Gordon Buchanan and Martin Hughes-Games.

Glo (Porcelain Rose) celebrated her 200th post  earlier this week with an entry about killer whales that friends of hers recently saw over in Vancouver!  By co-incidence Gordon Buchanan will be tracking these magnificent creatures in the North Sea, which promises to be one of the series highlights.

As always there’s the excellent, informative and interesting Autumnwatch website for news updates, blogs, webcams, messageboards, photo sharing, home movies, links to other UK wildlife websites and video clips from the BBC Natural History Unit archives.

If anyone uses the messageboard you’ll find me there as LawnLounger!

Autumnwatch Unsprung is being shown immediately afterwards,  at 10.oopm on BBC2,  in which Martin Hughes-Games chairs an audience led informal discussion and debate show.

Have a good weekend!


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9 Responses to Autumnwatch

  1. daffy says:

    9pm is a funny time! Not sure how I’ll cope with that.. it’s very close to my bedtime. I wasn’t too keen on the other fellow who did Spring Watch. (Can’t remember his name… it’s my age!) So we’ll see what the fresher line up does. I’ve been having some giggles at my three bunnies and two squirrels who seem to have formed a garden alliance! I can not get a pic of all five of them together .. such a shame because I’d love you to see them. Did you know that October 3rd was National Badger day? The day after Autumn Watch starts! It used to be June but this year the date has changed.
    Oh and Can I just mention that Glo gave me a heart attack this morning! PFFFFT! ;o)

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy I agree that it is, however it is being repeated on Saturday tea-time! You mean Chris Packham, who thanks to your reminder I’ve just added to the above!
      It sounds like you’re having fun watching your garden wildlife antics.
      I didn’t know that but will make a note and mention it in next weeks post.
      As for Glo’s post I was sitting here laughing away and wondering what the heck! See also my next post which I’m just about to do.
      Take care, and have a good day! xx

  2. re says:

    Not sure I’m overly happy with this, loved sitting down every evening with the family, especially the youngest.

  3. nikkipolani says:

    I think our So Cal version of Autumn Watch is Fire Alert. It’s that time again when our long dry months and hot dry winds combine for a strong possibility of a multitude of fires. So for now, I’m just enjoying the scenes of autumn as other people experience it and hoping for some El Nino rains this winter 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and unbirthday!

  4. daffy says:

    I may check out the message board this year! I’ll give you a shout if I do. :o)
    Wall to wall sunshine here Flighty! Puts everyone in a good mood! (Exceptions are my son who is going to work..and my hubby who has been there since 6am! oh! and Andrea who is still in bed… I’ll discover her mood later.. much later!)
    Have a great weekend!

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy okay, and not to loud if you do!
      It’s another glorious day here too, so I made the most of it spending the morning on the plot.
      Perhaps you should have said…puts me in a good mood!
      Thanks, you too! xx

  5. Louise says:

    I enjoyed the first episode of Autumnwatch, although would rather it was on at 8.00. Feeling past it at 9.00 I taped it and watched it the next morning, although I could watch the repeat. I did think the Unsprung afterwards was a waste of time, too much larking about for my liking! It may improve after first-night nerves. x

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