Agatha Christie Week

Thanks to lawn lounger Re I’m reminded that it’s Agatha Christie Week.

It’s not surprising that I’ve long been a fan as my mum had all her books,  and  always said that she read them aloud whilst cradling me when I was a baby!

I noticed this article in the Guardian yesterday which is all about which are considered to be Agatha Christie’s ten best mysteries.

As well as the books I enjoyed the BBC TV adaptions of the Miss Marple stories featuring Joan Hickson. I’ve not been too keen on any of the other TV adaptions that have been done.

I’ve also always liked the long running Agatha Christie’s Poirot adaptions on ITV featuring David Suchet, who really has made the character his own.

I have to say that when I’m at the library and can’t see any books that I want then I invariably borrow one or two of her novels which are always on the shelf.  I suppose that for me they can be called comfort reading!

Have a good weekend, and happy reading!

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10 Responses to Agatha Christie Week

  1. Jennyta says:

    I always liked the Joan Hickson series too, Flighty and the Geraldine McEwan series too, but I have been disappointed with the new series showing at present.

    • Flighty says:

      Jenny I also liked the Joan Hickson ones as they stayed true to the books.
      I’ve not watched the new series with Julia McKenzie, which according to the Radio Times takes eyewatering liberties with the books! xx

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Y’know, I’m okay with film adaptations as long as they make sense. I know I’ve enjoyed the refining and condensing work Clive Exton has done in the earlier David Suchet Poirots. Like Jenny, I don’t like the newer adaptations that seem to make too much of on the aberrant and the gross. I think I have all of the Joan Hicksons and the earlier David Suchets on DVD – they are great for watching something familiar and well directed.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki adapting books for films and/or TV can be difficult but all too often the result is so disappointing.
      The Joan Hickson Miss Marples and David Suchet Poirots have all remained true to the books which is probably why Agatha Christie fans like them, and tend not to like the other ones. I happily watch, and enjoy, the repeats of both. xx

  3. VP says:

    I’m a Joan Hickson as Miss Marple fan too 🙂

    Did you know you can hire part of Agatha Christie’s home in Devon? One floor of the rather splendid house is available as a National Trust ‘holiday cottage’. I’m hoping to get some friends together to stay there next year!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      VP it seems that a lot of people are!
      I did as I’ve known someone who’s stayed there, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That sounds like a great idea!
      Thanks, you too! xx

  4. Love Agatha’s books and have them all. Like you I adored Joan Hickson as Miss Marple and David Suchet as Poirot. I read somewhere than Agatha Christie and Joan Hickson met when the latter was still quite young and Agatha remarked that she (Joan) would make an excellent Miss Marple one day. How right she was!

    cheerio, xx

    • Flighty says:

      Yolanda so do I, but only have a few of them! They seem to be the definitive actors for these roles. I think that’s right, and yes she certainly was!
      Take care! xx

  5. Carrie says:

    I missed Agatha Christie week! I loved reading her books, especially Poirot. But if i watch them now I feel like I have school in the morning, haha, they were always on on a Sunday night.
    I did like both Mr Suchet and Mr Ustinov but your right Suchet has made it his own.

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