It’s not Wednesday!

It’s nearly lunch time on Thursday and I’ve only just realised that it’s not Wednesday!

There’s nothing on TV  next week that’s worth mentioning here so I’ve no idea what to post about!

When someone new comments here I always follow the link back to look at their own blog. I did that a couple of days ago when Alison, in Malaysia, stopped by to say that she thought the Canuck twins are cute.

Someone else who’s been looking at this blog, but not yet commented,  is Transformer’s Geek, who has blogged before on 20six and platform27.

Uphilldowndale did this difficult post earlier in the week which I appaud her for doing, and sympathise for what must have been a really hard decision to make.

One of the light-hearted, non-gardening, topics over on the Allotments 4 All forum this week was Sat Nav voice…who would you like? I had no hesitation in saying who I would choose!

Have a good weekend, which here in the UK is a long one as Monday is a Bank Holiday!


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14 Responses to It’s not Wednesday!

  1. alison says:

    oh hi, thanks for the link. 🙂 i’ll go say hi to your other new visitors in your blog.

  2. mrs K says:


    I don’t run a blog – for the reason why – go to – guess which one is mrs K.

    But as I love gardening which is now restricted to doing a bit, leaving a bit and getting some help in – blogs on Gardening are my way of keeping happy. Uphilldowndale and other links you have a look at when I need to forget about bits and pieces and remember when!!!

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K I’m sure that website keeps you busy. I’d guess that your email address gives me a clue but we’ll keep it to ourselves just in case I’m wrong!
      I can sympathise as I know, and have known, keen gardeners who due to such problems are frustrated in their desire to more than they can. Anyway it’s nice to know that you enjoy looking at this and other gardening blogs by way of small consolation.
      I should be doing one of my periodic good causes posts in a couple of weeks or so and will give you and yours a mention if that’s okay.
      Take care! xx

  3. VP says:

    Aren’t the series on Bodnant garden and the Future of our Food being shown on Monday on BBC2?

    Ones a good insight into one of our best heritage gardens and the other’s extremely thought provoking!

    Hope your lost day hasn’t got you out of sorts too much and have a great weekend”

    • Flighty says:

      VP you’ve caught me out as I missed one and forgot the other! I will mention them in my post on Sunday…said writing note to self to do so!
      I’ve now caught up thanks and certainly hope I do!
      Thanks, you too! xx

  4. nikkipolani says:

    Wow. That is one tough situation with Uphill and Moss. A difficult but right decision to make. As for your bank holiday, I must have felt it in the air, because I’ve also taken the day off to make my own bank holiday 🙂

  5. mrs K says:

    Its fine with me Flighty, the more people we reach out to to support them the better.

    I had a friend drop in today and as she loves gardening and it was a good day for me – my hands are grubby from re-potting and now the pots are on wheels its great. Keep digging and posting please.

    • Flighty says:

      Mrs K I’ll be doing the post towards the end of September as the other charity that I want to mention has it’s Awareness Day on the 30th.
      It sounds like you had a most enjoyable day, and I hope that you have plenty more!
      I most certainly will! xx

  6. louise says:

    I caught Garden in Snowdonia the other evening, purely because my OH was doing his usual channel hopping! I dropped off yesterday evening and missed most of Gardeners World! x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise I forgot that series, which I mention tomorrow, but will hopefully remember to watch on Monday! I’ve been really disappointed with Gardeners’ World recently and have virtually stopped watching it. xx

  7. Glo says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what day it is! Thanks for the links ~ always nice to meet new and interesting people, and to share their sites.

    By the way, it’s Sunday now, just so you know and don’t have to check your calendar 😉

    • Flighty says:

      Glo it gets most confusing at times!
      You’re welcome. It’s nice to find them, and I always try to remember to give them a mention as well.
      Thanks for the reminder, that means hut duty this morning then! xx

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