I have to say that I really like tomatoes , and I have them halved for grilling, quartered with salads and sliced in my cheese sandwiches. Sadly there’s little doubt that the ones in supermarkets are sold on the basis of uniformity of colour and size not for taste!

I think that it’s the one vegetable that most gardeners want to grow, and indeed do or at least try to.  Here in the UK the biggest drawback is that outdoors they are highly susceptible to blight in wet weather, which can devastate plants if it takes hold.

As I previously mentioned I planted four tomatoes which I then completely ignored. This week I was pleased to be be able to pick some of themTomatoesThe three larger ones are from the bush plants Joe gave me whilst the smaller round ones Gardener’s Delights. I’ve eaten one of each and in my, completely unbiased, opinion they were just how tomatoes should taste!

There are more to come as I left some still green fruit on the plants to hopefully redden before I have to pick them.

Tomatoes are the subject of much comment on the Allotments 4 All forum as you can read in the  threads  TOMATO PROGRESS 2009Tomato Taste Test and Any one NOT suffered from tomato blight?

I’m definitely going to grow tomatoes next year but as yet I’m still undecided on which two varieties, one each bush and cordon types, I’m going to try. However based on what I’ve read and the advice that I’ve been given I’ll probably try The  Amateur and Gardener’s Delight.

Happy gardening!


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18 Responses to Tomatoes

  1. nikkipolani says:

    There’s a couple of tomatomania type things going on here in the States that leaves me completely baffled as to which varieties to try — so I wish you luck as you wade through all the possibilities 😉 This year’s crop is looking mighty fine indeed! Mine was much more paltry than that.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki the sheer number of varieties available is staggering. Whatever I choose I’ll send you some seeds to try.
      I’m well pleased with what I’ve got from four totally neglected plants!
      Next year we’ll both do a whole lot better. xx

  2. ip says:

    Those tomatoes make me drool!….We were lucky to have a father who had a market garden and we revelled in the freedom to have an enless supply of cucumbers(which we ate like bananas) and tomatoes, which squirted juice all over our t-shirts….Happy days

  3. mrs K says:

    Try a hanging basket for the small ones – no blight and delicious and can be placed where you would put a flowery hanging basket.

  4. Glo says:

    You say tomahto and I say tomayto ~ maybe your success is in the way you pronounce it! Perhaps the answer is ~ let nature take care of things, and just ignore them, but, here, this summer without additional water everything would be toast. I agree that nothing from the stores can touch the taste of home grown anything, and tomatoes in particular … and strawberries…and… raspberries, etc. etc. Enjoy your sandwiches, salads, etc. Sounds like very tasty fare!

    • Flighty says:

      Glo they’re delicious however we say it! I’m sure that we sometimes over cosset some plants and that they’d be better off almost neglected. Parts of my flower patch went unwatered and it looks like there’s been a fire so I agree about the watering.
      It’s this thing they have for look rather than taste isn’t it!
      Thanks, I have and I will! It is indeed. xx

  5. Glo says:

    First line should of my previous response should read…You say tomahto and I say tomayto….not sat anything! Geesh …

  6. nikkipolani says:

    I was just at a dinner party last night where we all bemoaned our poor tomato crop this year. One fellow suggested that retirees can always grow a good tomato because they have time to tend it. Well, you’ve proven that some tomatoes need very little tending!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki they’re certainly much talked about there and here!
      It’s probably true about those who spend lots of time tending them having better ones.
      I did this year but I don’t think that I’ll chance doing that again next year! xx

  7. re says:

    I love tomato sandwiches. No blight here but for some reason my tomatoes just don’t seem to be ripening this year looks like fried green tomatoes on toast for me.

  8. Louise says:

    I didn’t get to grow tomatoes this year, but hope next year to grow the trailing variety again, which always give me a bumper crop of small cherry ones. I must say your ‘tommies’ look great! x

  9. NiC says:

    Gardener’s Delight are one our favourites too, we have two rows of them but our favourite for flavour on eating straight away remains Sungold.

    No blight yet and we’ve already harvested enough toms to last for the whole year cooking-wise (cooked down and frozen and used instead of tinned….and so much more flavoursome). I think tomatoes have been our most successful crop this year, just as well when we’ve given them about a fifth of the total area of our two allotments!

    Your photo has made my stomach rumble for a nice tomato sandwich…must go and have one now!

    • Flighty says:

      NiC they’re certainly two very popular varieties, and rightly so.
      It looks like you’ve been lucky and set to enjoy yours for some time to come!
      Likewise I’m just off to have lunch…cheese and tomato sandwiches I think. Cheers!

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