The best of friends

I’ve enjoyed reading some really good posts that friends have done over the past week or so including the following.

Top of the list has to be Glo’s Fit to be Tied! which is absolutely hilarious, and a wonderful response to my own The Canuck twins.

Whilst it’s good to have fun like that others have rightly been concerned with more serious issues.  Jenny’s All over within a year? reflects on her son going to serve in Afghanistan soon. Lady Drid, a longtime friend in Brasil, is worried about Swine Flu and Daffy had to tell us some  Sad News.

Mouth-watering images on Nikki’s Cake for Daffy, NiC’s Free Food and Uphilldowndale’s Sweet Delights catered for all tastes, especially mine!

Georgie tells us that she has a A passion for Passifloras,  and Louise’s Michaelmas Daisy is her 200th post and anyone leaving a comment on it will be entered into a mystery garden-theme prize draw!

Lastly I was sad to read that Fabulous has decided that it’s Time for a change and is going to stop blogging after some 7/8 years. What with a young daughter and another baby due soon that decision is  not too surprising  so  I wish her well for the future on behalf of all her friends here.

Have a good weekend!


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...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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10 Responses to The best of friends

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Amazing how connected our lives are, isn’t it? A great post, Flighty, of news around your web world.

  2. re says:

    I shall check out all of these links.

  3. daffy says:

    Lots going on and as ever you are at the hub… directing us all to the right places!
    Fun post Flighty and plenty to look at… and drool at…. chocolate cake……

  4. Glo says:

    Many thanks for the link to my site and for the other links as well. Such a cross-section of life as we meet people from all over the world! It’s amazing really, as blogging gives us a chance to share whatever hits our fancy with people who end up being sources of strength, humour, information, etc. I’m really enjoying it, and thanks for setting me on this road and your continual encouragement to me and your other blog friends 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Glo you’re most welcome, and thanks for your kind words which I wholeheartedly agree with!
      It’s good to know that you feel as you do about blogging.
      I feel that certainly reflects in your always enjoyable posts. xx

  5. Louise says:

    Thanks for the mention Flighty. I would love some more entries in my garden giveaway, otherwise it makes for a very dull prize draw! My latest post has photos from the Shoreham Airshow, with more to follow. x

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