Up, up and away

On my Good Morning! post last week there was this comment from Ian who likes this blog and wanted to email me.  He did and informed me that Flighty’s plot has been included in the post More Gardening Blogs We Love on the Dobbies.com blog. As you can see that is the second of two entries listing lots of excellent gardening blogs and for mine to be included feels really good.

What also caught my eye is the post 10 Mad American Barbecues , which should provide some ideas for anyone thinking of upgrading theirs !

It’s now the height of the holiday season so blogging in general tends to go rather quiet for a few weeks.   Uphilldowndale is in sometimes sunny Devon,  Daffy will soon be away to the lovely Norfolk Broads and Glo is at home trying to keep cool in the hot weather.

So if you’re up, up and away or high flying like teddy* enjoy yourselves whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going!

Have a good weekend!

[* my thanks to Jenny for this little gem]


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...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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18 Responses to Up, up and away

  1. Hi Mike,

    Lovely to see that your blog was picked for More Gardening Blogs We Love as it is soooooooooo deserved.

    Have a great weekend!

    cheerio, xx

  2. deyank says:

    That’s great to hear about your blog Mike.

    A Baby Carriage Bar-B-Q? Too horrible to contemplate.


  3. daffy says:

    Take care you! Have a great weekend.

  4. nikkipolani says:

    Well, congrats on getting some link-love 🙂 It is holiday season here, too, as we worker bees enjoy slightly less traffic on the roads. Just a teensy bit, but every bit helps!

  5. fraggle says:

    congratulations 🙂 *waves to everyone* (seems like ages been on blog and caught up with everyone) hope you have a great weekend x x

  6. Jennyta says:

    Congratulations, Mike. 🙂

  7. Glo says:

    What an uplifting post! First of all, congratulations on being chosen to be on that special gardening blog. I’m sure it feels good to be recognized and acknowledged in this way.

    I enjoyed looking at the various BBQ’s ~ I like thinking ‘outside the box’ and some of the ideas are way out there, and terrific! What fun.

    Yes, it is so interesting when people go on holidays and show photos/travelog entries. I was planning on going on a little trip myself this weekend to an island I usually visit in the summer…but with this heat, I’ll stay put! Apparently it will rain on Aug. 6.

    As for the hot air balloons ~ didn’t they look like a gathering of colourful Easter eggs? 😉 Baskets were too small for them to fit into, though ;0 I love looking at them, preferably from ground level. Even though I have a somewhat adventurous spirit, getting into a basket with a flaming torch fired up at a cloth like covering…and then rising above the earth with no apparent steering wheel, landing gear, parachute, etc… not for me…I’d be clinging onto the edge, or hanging over calling “Save ME” ~ however, they are very pretty and I’m probably just a wimp with a huge imagination.

    Now Teddy Bear flying piloting his little plane is just perfect. I really enjoyed watching that and must send it off to some friends!

    I have no idea what day it is since I’m on holidays and the heat has melted my brain, but if the weekend approaches, which it no doubt will, have a good one 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Glo many thanks for a comment that’s longer than my post by the look of it!
      Needless to say I’m delighted that this blog is both liked and was chosen to be included on the list.
      The BBQ’s are great aren’t they!
      I don’t blame you for staying put in that heat, and hope that it cools down soon so you can go to the island.
      As you say that many balloons look so colourful, but I think that you’re right to be somewhat wimpish about flying in them.
      The teddy video is a little gem, which as you can imagine had me smiling with delight.
      It’s Friday, but I’ll excuse you not knowing as I’m sure that I’d be just the same in that heat.
      Take care, and stay cool! xx

  8. Three cheers for my friend Flighty 🙂 So happy to see folks at More Gardening Blogs We Love enjoying and sharing your wonderful blog. I do hope your summer is a pleasant one. As for me, I am dreaming about a trip to Alaska someday.

  9. Weather is awful today, but we are having a good time here in Devon.

    • Flighty says:

      Uphilldowndale I’m sorry that it’s like that! It’s been grey and raining at times here.
      Anyway it’s good to know that you’re enjoying yourselves! xx

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