I have to say that I don’t like this hot (over 30C) and humid weather, made even worse with the poor air quality.

As well as feeling generally frazzled it affects my joints,  particularly in my right hand, which makes it difficult for me to grip or type.  I do have medication that I can take but the side effects are even worse to cope with!

Particularly annoying is that whilst like this I can do little on the plot. I’m not even trying to water and weed, both of which are essential jobs.

Even a simple task  like taking a few photos becomes somewhat exasperating.

It’s Feeling Hot Hot Hot,  so  stay cool cool and have a good weekend!


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...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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23 Responses to Frazzled

  1. re says:

    Sorry to hear that the heat is making you suffer so . It really is too hot to do anything right now isn’t it?

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Poor Flighty! I heard through the grapevine that your weather might be improving soon — I hope it’s true!

  3. Hope you feel fresher soon.

  4. daffy says:

    oh-lay oh-lay oh lay oh-lay!
    Love it!
    I’ve looked at the Katrina and Waves song, Walking on Sunshine by the puppets too…..Fan-flippin-tastic!
    I think it’s going to cool off over the next few days….
    Hopefully that will give your aching joints a chance to feel better and you might get some plotting done. I hope.
    We are so ill-equiped to cope with hot weather. Andrea struggles in the heat… she gets physically drained by it.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy as soon as I saw it I know that you like it, and be singing along as well!
      It looks like getting better, which will relieve my joints somewhat. Then I can get back to plotting again.
      That’s true, and I sympathise with Andrea as I’ve always been the same.
      Thanks, you too! xx

  5. Glo says:

    Get thee to the seaside ~the only known cure for the frazzle. There’s a National Express air conditioned coach that leaves London at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, for example, and will get you to Newquay, for example, by 6 p.m. ~ nice leisurely drive for (UK pound symbol) 20.25, using Route Sixty concession. Once there, you could stay at Goofys Boutique Hostel (it’s a real place) but they don’t have any openings until July 10… anyway, the puppets say it’s time for a little holiday by the sea…so pack up your bags and plan a little bit of unfrazzlement. 😉 I think I missed my calling ….

  6. Glo says:

    Maybe that should be de-frazzlement…

  7. Glo says:

    Gosh, forget Newquay. You can get to Shoreham in just over 2 hours for £6.65 (I copied it directly to get the pound sign). Of course, if you have a car, you could actually drive… but doesn’t a cool coach appeal?

  8. Fabulous says:

    Its just awful and hot isnt it. It doesnt sound like it agrees with you either.
    I have to sit infront of a fan in our lounge to keep cool. This growing baby stuff is hot enough as it is without the heat.
    Big cool icy hugs and hope it stays cool for you too. x

    • Flighty says:

      Fabulous it’s all a bit much really! Too true!
      I’m not surprised , and I know that babies don’t like weather like this either.
      Thanks for the lovely hugs, and I’m glad to say that today is cooler! Take care. xx

  9. Olivia says:

    Can’t win over there, can you?? Either it’s a cold and drizzly summer, or it’s hot and humid. The other thing is, those temps are fine here but over there for some reason, it’s unbearable. Partly because you’re not acclimatized, but also probably partly because the towns and country are on a smaller scale and more claustrophobic. That’s my theory anyway.
    Here we have the same temps but it feels great, and we have air-con. xx

  10. Glo says:

    Glad my comment cheered you up…but what do you mean: “… the doctor said to stay at home as much as possible!”

    • Flighty says:

      Glo thanks! She said that if possible not to drive or travel when the weather was hot as it would make me feel worse. I’ve been out for a walk most days early or late.
      Anyway it’s cooler now and I’m feeling much better. xx

  11. Ellie says:

    I feel for you. I’d never realised that heat had such an impact on joint pains. My (arthritic) fingers are swollen badly and Dog is limping! Glad it’s cooled down.

  12. Louise says:

    What area did you live in when you cycled to Shoreham! I have been suffering in the soaring temperatures too, and have been gardening in the evenings. I have been grateful for the heavy showers we have had over the past couple of days. The garden is looking so much better for it, and the water butts are now again full. x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise here, which is Harrow! In my teens I cycled all over the place!
      Had I felt okay I would have gone and done a bit first thing then come home for breakfast. I’ll be glad to do some regular plotting again.
      As you say the rain has been most welcome. xx

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