Summer plotting

I’ve finished planting and sowing now until the autumn, but there’s still plenty to do such weeding, watering and harvesting.

So far I’ve had first early potatoes Swift,  lettuce  Buttercrunch and Lollo Rosso,  some finger-tip sized radish French BreakfastDSCN1380a few raspberries and, as you know, lots of strawberries. I’ve even had my first beetroot Cylindra and a couple of Burpee’s Golden which I lifted yesterday morningDSCN1403 cooked after lunchDSCN1405and had for tea in a couple of salad sandwiches. Very tasty!

Colourful nasturtiums have started appearingDSCN1384as have some poppiesDSCN1390and how about this bouquet of blooms on the rose Valentine HeartDSCN1387

I’ve seen a few of these, which thankfully are rather smaller than shown here! Ladybirds are now apppearing all over the plot, and are one of many insects I’ve noticed on the teaselsDSCN1398

As you’ve probably realised by now there’s nothing on TV next week that I think is worth mentioning here.

Have a good weekend!


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6 Responses to Summer plotting

  1. deyank says:

    What great pictures. They make me hungry just looking at them. Here’s an article in the San Francisco paper about another serious gardener:


    • Flighty says:

      Deyank thanks! I’m sorry that I can’t share what I’m growing with you all.
      It’s nice to called one but I certainly don’t consider myself to be a serious gardener! That’s an interesting sounding garden isn’t it, I bet it’s great to look round! Cheers.

  2. Georgie says:

    I cannot believe that you’ve finished planting and sowing until the autumn, Flighty! I’ll have to see what I can tempt you with to put that right! 😉 😀


  3. ip says:

    Flighty…I remember my first garden in 1967. It was a new house, withnew topsoil, so I planted radish and lettuce and both came up well. I have always loved salads so we decided to have a some from the garden. The radishes had done so well that I ate 7…….and you can guess what happened!…..let’s say I ate nothing for the rest of the day….and have never even looked at a radish again!

    • Flighty says:

      Ip I’m not suprised, and I suspect that others have similar stories to tell. I’m not that keen on them so only ever have a couple with a salad.

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