World wide watching

South Pacific is a new six-part series starting on BBC2 Sunday at 8.30pm with 1/6. Ocean of Islands. This looks to be a fascinating documentary series on a remote part of the world.

It’s being repeated on BBC2 Monday at 7.00pm which is handy if,  like me,  you’re wanting to watch Martin Clunes: Islands of Britain 2/3. The West which is on ITV1 Sunday at 9.00pm.

A Place In The Wild is a two-part documantary centred on the  Ol Pejeta wildlife reserve in Kenya. Part one is on ITV1 Tuesday at 8.00pm.

The third, and final, part in the short series about the elements is Winds on BBC2 Wednesday at 9.00pm. As with Rain and Snow it features a mix of science, history and clips of extreme weather.

Have a good weekend!


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14 Responses to World wide watching

  1. daffy says:

    South Pacific also happens to be one of the best films ever made!
    There is nothing like a daaaaame!
    Oh I know you don’t mean the film but I’m on a roll now!
    Bali Haiiiiiiii
    Ok, back to the programmes! I might give them a little watch. Of course that’s only if I’m not having Some Enchanted Evening …(You may meet a stranger!) Then again the programmes may be on the night I am busy Washing That Man Right Out of My Hair! (and sending him on his way!) Anyway, no point in me being A Cock-Eyed Optimist is there! I should just enjoy the programmes you have carefully selected and enjoy the following Happy Talk when we have watched them!
    It’s just as well I am only just Younger than Springtime or I may not have even heard of South Pacific!
    I watched Snow last night and enjoyed it (never thought I’d say that!) so I’ll be watching Winds too!

    Have a great weekend too!

  2. re says:

    Thanks for pointing these shows out to me.

    • Flighty says:

      Re you’re welcome!
      In case you’re wondering I am reading your blog but having problems commenting on the posts. Hopefully it’ll be out sorted soon. xx

      Now sorted, and I’ve also added you to my list of Lawn loungers! xx

  3. daffy says:

    re hi, I must admit I can’t comment on your blog either for some reason, I follow all the steps but it just doesn’t seem to publish. (Also Maureens blog is the same)
    Flighty sorry to hijack your blog for that message to re. ;o)

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy that’s okay! I have the same problem with both those blogs and have tried just about everything without success. If I get it sorted I’ll obviously let you know. xx

      Now sorted, so I’ve emailed you on what to do! xx

  4. nikkipolani says:

    Y’know, when I watch or read about remote parts of the world, I initially think how exciting. And then the “remote” part settles in and makes me think how difficult getting in and out was for the reporters/photographers/videographers. And how nice it is to be warm and cozy in my home with my remote in my hand!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki it’s the sheer effort required to get to such places that puts me off!
      Like you I’m happy to stay at home sofa flying! xx

  5. Flighty, I think you are right that much on TV is not worth watching but documentaries and science films and programs like that can be enriching and very entertaining. I would like to visit remote places for a short time but then I want to get back to a place with all the amenities. Ah, I see Nikki feels the same way.

    • Flighty says:

      Beginninghere I watch very few programmes on TV nowadays. They tend to be the ones mentioned here which are usually interesting and informative.
      I’ve never been one for travel to such places! xx

  6. fraggle says:

    I think a place in the wild sounds good one I shall be watching.Have a good weekend x x

  7. Louise says:

    I have had little time for the TV lately although I did record How Britain Got The Gardening Bug, so hopefully I can sit down in peace sometime to enjoy it? x

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