Springtime smiles!

It’s been noticeable looking at various posts over the past week how the sunny, warm weather has been conducive to springtime smiles!

A new job hasn’t been the only reason why Olivia has been so happy, and Glo picked up on this with a delightful spring sonnet.

Chippy has been cheery out and about, whilst Deyank has been watching, and photographing, some of his yard dwellers.

Daffy had fun bathing her dad’s boisterous Labrador,  and Irishpisky went to the Isle of Skye for a few days.

I had a comment on an entry from Re who has just started a blog,  and Louise has a new one adding to her two others!

I’m also pleased to see that  Princessfairytoes is still blogging, albeit far too infrequently.

Lastly I found this meme over on Maureen’s blog which some of you may be surprised to read I actually want to do! I usually don’t like doing them,  and  generally do so with reluctance. I shall do this one either over the weekend or early next week. How about doing it as well?

Have a good weekend!


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22 Responses to Springtime smiles!

  1. Just smiles, eh? Over here we’re grinning from ear to ear. 😉 I find it hard to find time to blog too as the weather is so lovely, too lovely to stay cooped up inside all day.

    cheerio, xx

  2. daffy says:

    Visiting Chippy is an absolute pleasure! Seeing him get out and about in his mean machine! Really lovely to read about his exploits with the super buggy!
    DeYank has some amazing pics! Especially the rabbit-eared frog! Louise is just amazing! She is a blogging superstar!

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy it just shows what some sunshine and getting mobile can do!
      Yes Deyanks’s photos are good aren’t they.
      That’s three delightful blogs we can look forward to! xx

  3. Maureen says:

    You are so right about the sunny warm weather producing a lot of springtime smiles. It seems like everyone is in good spirits now. It just shows how a good dose of sunshine is good for people too, not just plants!

    Thanks for mentioning the meme on my blog. I’m looking forward to reading your list, Flighty and hopefully others will join in too now that you’ve been kind enough to post a link to it from your blog. Thanks again.

    • Flighty says:

      Maureen it certainly makes such a difference!
      You’re welcome! I’m having the same problem as everyone else, namely deciding which six to chose! xx

  4. nikkipolani says:

    It must be true then, that spring is really here! Well, except for my friend in Canada (not sure which part) — she got -6C weather with SNOW!

  5. fraggle says:

    I always feel happier and optimistic when the sun shines. Happy St Georges day and have a good weekend x x

  6. crazykites says:

    will check them out. am after new blogs to read as ppl hardly ever blog these days….

  7. Glo says:

    Nice to do a spring walk with you through your spring links ~ thanks for the mention, as well. We are in for a few days of glorious weather, so I’m looking forward to being outside whenever possible. Today after work, had fish and chips sitting on a log at the beach! Ahhhhhhhhhh….perfect.

    • Flighty says:

      Glo thanks, and you’re most welcome! Make the most of it and enjoy yourself.
      That’s sounds a wonderful way to spend some time after work! xx

  8. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to seeing your six-plants meme. I don’t think my six would be very much of a surprise…. 🙂

  9. Enjoyed popping around links to see what others are smiling about. Six plants? Hmmmm only six? I think they would all be fragrant things 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Beginninghere it’s good to see so many blog smiles!
      My sense of smell isn’t very good so that’s not really a consideration for me unfortunately! xx

  10. Louise says:

    I must remember to do the meme from Maureen’s blog. Thanks for the mention Flighty. x

  11. Liz says:

    I don’t know how to begin to pick my six favorite plants, although I love hellebores because they bloom when most other plants are dormant and have such a long bloomimg period. Will ponder the other five. . .

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