Mostly mooching

Not surprisingly I’m not really in the mood to do an entry as I would normally do on a Sunday.

It’s been a typically wet Easter so far, although it’s not actually rained today so far, so I’ve not been plotting since mid-week. I had a look round this morning and was pleased to see my first lot of potatoes now showing, as were some onions and broad beans. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some work there tomorrow and then I’ll do a plot entry telling, and showing,  you how it’s all doing and looking.

I’ve been mostly mooching the past couple of days drinking  too many cups of tea and having eaten all the chocolate biscuits.  I watched, and enjoyed, Finding Nemo yesterday.

I’ve also been reading Empire of Sand by Robert Ryan,  which is proving to be an absorbing story.

One item of sad news is that something, a fox I would guess, clearly took exception to Daisy Duck as I found her on the plot with her head chewed off!

On the plot most of the daffodils have now finished but the window box is still looking good, and  I particularly like the mini-daffs down in the left-hand cornerdscn1109I think that I shall move most of these bulbs out onto the plot later on and go for more mini-daffs and some hyacinths next year.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last entry. It’s one that perhaps, on reflection, I shouldn’t have done  but  I’m grateful to you all.


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22 Responses to Mostly mooching

  1. Maureen says:

    It has been a typically wet Easter hasn’t it although today is dry so far (knock on wood).

    I’m impressed that you’ve got your first lot of potatoes showing, and some onions and broad beans. You must be pleased.

    We watched “Finding Nemo” yesterday too. It makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it!

    • Flighty says:

      Maureen the rain has been good for allotments and gardens but not much good for anyone wanting to work in them!
      I’m well pleased and I hope to be eating these potatoes at the very end of May!
      It’s the ideal film for a wet Easter tea-time! xx

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Well, we were promised some rain in the week before Easter, but the clouds were nearly rainless when they came through…. I like mini-daffs, too. They are so cute and fill in nicely among their bigger cousins. Sorry about Daisy Duck. Maybe Fox thought she was garnering a bit too much attention!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki the rain is certainly helping to make everything grow here!
      I think that lots of various mini-daffs would look good in the window box.
      Thanks I was sad to find her like that. Mmm, it could have been! xx

  3. cafecortado says:

    My guess is we’ll have a week or two of this damp weather. Not a lot we can do about it; at least it’ll help the plants grow. Regards, Cafe

    • Flighty says:

      Cafe you could be right but I feel that we’ve had enough for the time being, and most gardeners will now be wanting to plant and sow.
      That’s true, as everything is growing away at present. Cheers!

  4. I hope the sunshine comes soon and lasts a long time. This morning was crisp but the sun is out. Glad to hear your potatoes are coming along. You mentioned one of the Pixar films. They do have amazing animation. I think the Incredibles especially impressed me in that regard. Never mind that you had too much tea and chocolate biscuits. There is more at the store as Papa always says.

    • Flighty says:

      Beginninghere that sounds nice but then we’d be moaning about a lack of rain! Thanks, it’s good to see foliage appear to anything planted or sown!
      I did, and I love animated films.
      More tea is be okay but I think that I better forgo the chocolate biscuits for a while! xx

  5. crazykites says:

    Well a girl gets slightly more interested in the idea of gardening when food is mentioned! I would like to grow my own veg one day, the kind i could cook with on a regular basis, then we could forget supermarkets and their air miles. I read a Guardian article about the Obamas and their vegetable garden a few weeks ago. I wonder if they do their own cooking…

    • Flighty says:

      Crazykites you’ve no excuses for not growing something, even if it’s only herbs in pots on the windowsill!
      Yes it’s good to see the Obamas doing that, but I doubt that they do their own cooking! xx

  6. deyank says:

    Maybe what you need is a copy of Mount Wannahockaloogie in your garden, but I guess that’s not very sanitary after all.

    My daffs and hyacinths are both past their prime now and beginning to show some aging. Next up comes the roses. I’ll get some nice shots of them for everyone.

  7. crazykites says:

    I spend my life between Newcastle, Wirral and Spain, I think it’s a perfect excuse to not grow anything! Unless I took potted plants on the plane/train, but don’t think it’d go down too well!

  8. crazykites says:

    Okay, i’ll grow some herbs in pots once i’m in one place. though i’ll need advice! can i grow parsley? The boy loves adding it to every meal.

  9. Liv says:

    I dunno – you say you don’t feel like doing a post, and then you proceed to do a post. Flighty, you are a funny fellow! 🙂 xx

  10. daffy says:

    I got you a new duck from the wetlands shop. It has no name though. We can call her Daisy too (2) hehe
    I feel a little bad about this but we have had a lovely sunny long weekend! Do you think we pinched your sunshine? It rained a little on Friday evening but that’s it! Sunday was positively balmy!

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy many thanks for that, I look forward to meeting Daisy Too!
      Lucky you! It stayed dry but grey Sunday and was really nice here yesterday, when I got some plotting done at last. xx

  11. Glo says:

    Glad to hear the weather has improved and you’re back to plotting ~ good to know your potatoes have sprouted… I’m sorry your duck lost its head! Where will Daisy Too live?

    • Flighty says:

      Glo good weather is needed as there’s lots of plotting to do at the moment! It’s a good feeling to see signs of growth from things planted and sown.
      Yes it was sad to find her like that. I think Daisy Too will have to stay at home as part of my growing collection! xx

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