Watching and working

I’ve long thought that the foxes drink from the original pond as I usually have to top it up with at least a half a bucket of water most days I’m there. Yesterday morning this was confirmed by Fox Newtondscn1068As you can see he’s  rather mangy compared with Missy Newton! It was wonderful just sitting watching him for several minutes, and of course getting this photo of him.

I then got to work planting my Swift early seed potatoes and onion sets. I should be eating the  potatoes by the end of May but the onions won’t be ready until August.  I also sowed half of the broad beans Masterpiece Green Longpod which mature from July onwards.

Back in December I was given some bulbs most of which I planted heredscn1075It’ll be interesting to see what blooms from these!

I was also given a few narcissus Little Gem mini daffodils dscn1073

I was surprised to see this pansy Blue Jokerdscn1070as I thought that none had grown. It’s a cheeky looking flower isn’t it! The four stems on the left of the photo are all that remain of these!

Even though most of the plot is bare earth it was still nice to sit and look round,  especially with these just a few feet awaydscn1076and several bumble bees lazily buzzing around.

On Friday morning I saw a grey heron circle  overhead before landing by the adjacent ecology park pond. That’s only the second one I’ve seen whilst I’ve been plotting.


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24 Responses to Watching and working

  1. The pansy is aptly named!

  2. Maureen says:

    That must be so thrilling to see a fox visiting your allotment and making use of your pond. How wonderful to get a photo too!

    It sounds like you have been getting a lot done lately. The beautiful weather has been a big help I’m sure. I figured you would be hard at work on your allotment yesterday. And you certainly earned your chance to sit down and admire your handiwork. Well done!

    • Flighty says:

      Maureen I’ve seen them on the plot before but not drinking from the pond. It’s always good to see them, and to get some photos!
      I’ve been there plotting most days over the past week making the most of the good weather.
      I nearly always take a break to have a sit down, especially if I’ve been there a while working.
      Thanks! xx

  3. Chippy says:

    A nice set of photo’s Mike, nice to see things growing and the fox’s visit…

  4. Louise says:

    Always lovely to see a heron, we often do whilst cycling along the River Adur. Another great photo of the fox, I am still seeing mine alongside the railway line at Worthing. I am sure you have been enjoying your time on the plot in the sunshine. It really has been such a treat. x

    • Flighty says:

      Louise I rarely ever see herons so it’s a real treat when I do.
      Thanks, it’s been a couple of weeks or more since I last saw one.
      It’s been most enjoyable on the plot the past week or so.
      Yes indeed! xx

  5. Liv says:

    Hehe, that is a curiously cheeky looking pansy!

    The fox looks so sly, you can see where the saying came from. Remember Beatrix Potter’s Mr Tod? At the end he slunk off looking much like Fox Newton.

  6. Liv says:

    P.S. Watched an interesting docu on Animal Planet about winter in Yellowstone just now. Reminded me of the one you mentioned last week.

  7. Glo says:

    Sounds like things are just going along so well on the plot since the weather has improved. With Fox Newton drinking elixir from the ‘magic pond’, I’m sure his mangy fur appearance will improve before long 😉 ~ as long as he didn’t swallow Frog, or else his eyes might start bulging and his skin might get warts…oh sorry ~ it’s been a long day and I’m getting carried away. Glad to hear you’ve starting planting 🙂 Great photos of fox and the lovely spring flowers ~ cheeky face included.

    • Flighty says:

      Glo yes it’s been good to work in the sunshine, and to start planting and sowing!
      It would be nice if Fox did improve but realistically, and sadly, it is unlikely.
      Thanks! xx

  8. nikkipolani says:

    Aaah! A lovely visit on your plot, Flighty. I’m so pleased you’re getting these photos of your fox visitors. And the colourful faces of daffs and pansies are so cheery. The sunshine is surely welcome!

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki thanks! Yes it’s good to both see, and get photos of, them on the plot.
      There’s at least six clumps of daffs like that all around the plot.
      It is but the weather has been far more unsettled today, and looks set to remain like that all week! xx

  9. daffy says:

    So am I right in thinking that that fox is no longer with us?
    It’s sad how some of them get so ill and in poor condition but I suppose that is all part of nature. The flowers look very pretty Flighty! You and my dad would make quite a pairing and a major threat to any would be gardener! hehe

    • Flighty says:

      Daffy that was a different one, and not this one.
      It is sad but as you say that’s part of nature, and one that we don’t like to see or think about.
      Thanks, they do don’t they! I’d be quite happy to be your dad’s assistant gardener as I’m sure that he’s far more knowledgeable and green-fingered than I am. xx

  10. Liv says:

    Yes, I think we watched the same program!
    Do you remember the bit about the rain evaporating before it hits the ground?

  11. Having gone through the fun of watching my tulips grow and bloom (and currently being reclaimed by Mother Nature and the West Wind) it’ll be good to see what the mixed bulb bag has brought you! Those foxes are a bit cheeky as well.

    • Flighty says:

      Northernwindowgardener they’re the first thing I look at when I go plotting!
      Fox and Missy are quite brazen, which is to my advantage when I take photos of them. Cheers!

  12. fraggle says:

    We have daffs that robin planted so he was pleased ,I have managed to fit in planting and my dad mowed the lawn, my friends hubby is a landscape gardener so I’m going to get the value of his knowledge for the back garden to inspire me x x

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