Two birds and a bee

It wasn’t sunny most of last week but it was dry and relatively mild so I did plenty of general tidying up on the plot.

Much of the bottom vegetable patch is still very sticky in places but it was  better at the top flower area where I dug some it over.  That attracted the robin(s) after a tasty worm but much as I tried I didn’t get a good photo of the gardener’s friend. This was  the best one where it’s sitting on top of a sunflower stem.dscn1017

On Friday I got my first sighting of something using the new pond, which was a wood pigeon having a drink.dscn1025Sadly these are just the opposite to robins as they are pesky birds on allotments and in gardens.

The crocus started to flower this week bringing some much welcome spots of colour to the plot.dscn1020

Taking nectar from a purple one on another plot was this bumble bee.dscn1027

This is one of several groups of daffodils which are spread around the plot, and should be flowering before too longdscn1016

There were also several of these which I have to admit  I can’t remember what they are!dscn1023

Happy gardening!


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28 Responses to Two birds and a bee

  1. fraggle says:

    I have seen some snowdrops and a few green shoots of other plants coming out to say hello, I like the spring with all the new growth.I do like robins one of my favourite birds x x

    • Flighty says:

      Fraggle it’s always good to see them, and especially this year after the winter we’ve had!
      You’re in good company liking spring. Yes robins are a lot of people’s favourite, including mine! xx

  2. Glo says:

    Time for the birds and bees already? Wow, what beautiful crocus photos! So close, clear and bright 🙂 The daffodils won’t take long at all ~ you’re well ahead of us! Now,Flighty, that might be a carrier pigeon, and they bring messages, so best not call it a pest just yet. He may be on a mission, one never knows. It’s great that you can see Spring sproinging, and brings hope to the rest of us who aren’t that far along yet.

  3. Glo says:

    PS How wonderful you were able to catch a bee in action so early on! A great photo!

  4. daffy says:

    March already! The shoots and bulbs will be flowered in no time at all!

  5. Is the last shot, a large blue cornflower thingmebob?

  6. Nice pic’s Flighty, good to that spring is indeed just around the corner. I’ve noticed that our Daff’s are almost out by the shed.

  7. Liv says:

    Here the daffodils are peeping out of the ground now, but the snowdrops have been out for a while. Can’t wait till spring. In a way I’m in for more of a surprise, having moved here in winter – the trees are huge old things and the front lawns are large, so I know it will be an eyeful.

    • Flighty says:

      Liv I think that we’re all waiting for spring after the past few months!
      It sounds like you’ll have a real feast for the eyes when it does come! xx

  8. Pandy says:

    Our garden is awash with colour from the crocuses at the moment, both white and purple, like yours 🙂 We also have a little family of inquisitive robins who are so fearless that they will sit a mere few feet away just to have a nosy into what you’re doing. Spring is my fave season too – so much hope, so much life and colour bursting from the grey.
    I love the photos, Flighty 🙂 xxx

    • Flighty says:

      Pandy it’s crocus that really provide the first welcome colour.
      It’s always good to see the robins who are always around!
      It’ll all look wonderful soon when that happens. xx

  9. nikkipolani says:

    How lovely to see crocuses! I remember trying to grow them here when I was in zone denial. They were puny sickly things. Clearly, they like your climate better! And that last shot? My first impression was that it was lamb’s ears, but I can’t be sure. How nice that the columbine are coming back 🙂 Our weather has taken a rather warm turn — it was 85F today and felt positively summery. We’re hoping to get a bit more rain this week.

    • Flighty says:

      Nikki it certainly is! It’s sad that you can’t grow them there.
      I’m pretty sure that Uphilldowndale is right and it’s a perennial cornflower.
      The columbine has not only come back but has multiplied as well with some self-seedlings.
      It may reach 55F here today in the sunshine! There’s rain due here mid-week. xx

  10. Love that header shot. It’s so nice to see your garden blooming and growing Flighty. Looks like the last photo is a patch of Lamb’s Ears but I can’t quite tell if they are soft and fuzzy so I am not sure. Hello to you and Happy March!

    • Flighty says:

      Beginninghere hello and thanks!
      It’s only doing that here and there so far!
      See my reply to Nikki about that last photo.
      Thanks again, you too! xx

  11. 2times20 says:

    your garden is amazing, Flighty!! I am looking forward to the spring pics =)

    • Flighty says:

      2times20 thanks! I wish it was but at present it’s mostly bare earth, however come the summer it may then look a lot better!
      There should plenty of photos to come! xx

  12. Liv says:

    Hehe, someone told me today that he thinks I will be “overjoyed” when I see the blossoms soon 🙂


  13. Louise says:

    I’ve been taking photos of bees around the garden (for a blog post), but so far none as successful as yours. I think your mystery leaves belong to the large blue cornflower thingmebob too! x

  14. Liz says:

    What lovely signs of spring.

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