February blues!

Back in September the  Met Office had forecast a drier and milder winter than normal so I was looking forward to doing a few hours general plotting most weeks so that come the spring I would all ready to plant and sow.  As we  now know it’s actually been colder and wetter than usual, and looks set to continue!

In view of that it’s not really surprising  that I’ve  had a touch of the February blues!

Considering the snowy week we’ve had here in the UK I thought that this poem was rather appropriate.

Bridal White by Kathleen Gillum

The snowflakes dancing down the breeze

Come softy without  sound,

And spread a fragile, feathered fleece

Upon the hardened ground.

A glistening mantle has been draped

On walls of old grey stone,

And gives to houses, roofs and eaves

A beauty of their own.

An ancient church, an old schoolhouse

Which stand on village green,

Are etched like pencilled silhouettes

Against the snowy scene.

All is transformed with silver wand

Waved by a Winter sprite,

Our old familiar world is dressed

in veil of bridal white.


About Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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38 Responses to February blues!

  1. Chippy says:

    Very apt Mike, lets hope the weather improves soon!

  2. Flighty says:

    Chippy thanks! Fingers crossed it will!

  3. Liv says:

    I don’t think anyone has listened to the Met Office since 1987.

    I like the poem, it’s very classic – when was it written?

  4. Jennyta says:

    So now we know never to listen to the Met. office again!

  5. nikkipolani says:

    I’ve been hearing about the unusual snowy February you are having. I hope your plot bounces into spring with vigor from its wintertime nap.

  6. Flighty says:

    Liv I wonder why that is, said remembering a rather windy night back then!
    I don’t know when the poem was written, but if I find out I’ll let you know. xx

  7. Flighty says:

    Jenny I think that we already knew that but we do all the same!

  8. Flighty says:

    Nikki there’s more to come this week by the look of it!
    I’m sure it will, but not for a while yet! xx

  9. midwifemuse says:

    It’s snowing here now, but the BBC is insisting that it’s raining.
    I was thinking about you earlier and wondering how you were coping with not being able to tend your plot. I know it’s frustrating when you have lots of bits you are looking forward to getting on with, snow and ice rather loses it’s magic after a couple of days.
    I’ve been contenting myself with going through seed catalogues and planning my propagations.
    In Tenerife I collected a few seed heads and I’m going to, fingers crossed, start them off indoors.

  10. Flighty says:

    Midwifemuse it’s raining here in Harrow so it probably is at the BBC as well!
    I’ve done virtually nothing on the plot for the past few months. There’s several things I’d like to have done, like building the new compost bin, but it’s always been too cold or wet.
    I’ve got to sort through all my seeds and decide where and when to sow them.
    Are they exotic plant seeds? Fingers crossed that they grow and bloom! xx

  11. Nice poem.
    I feel for all those who are looking forward to getting a start to the allotments but February always seems cold to me – although maybe not with the amount of snow those in the south have had.
    On the plus side though The Telegraph had a story which makes the case for the big chill being a good thing!


  12. Flighty says:

    Northernwindowgardener thanks.
    Yes it seems that plenty of people don’t like this time of year, especially this year!
    A cold winter is certainly beneficial for the garden in some respects so I suppose that it’s somewhat of a mixed blessing.

  13. Chippy says:

    Spoke too soon didn’t I, snow started around 6.30pm and is getting progressively worse….

  14. Flighty says:

    Chippy I’m sorry to hear that, it’s raining here.

  15. daffy says:

    I’ve checked metcheck.com every day (twice a day) and so far, for my region they have been spot on. Another sunny day here. It snowed last night for a couple of hours as predicted by metcheck but it was just wet this morning!

    To have every day as a sunny day
    Would that make us all happy?
    Having too much of the rain or snow,
    It makes us feel a little sad and sappy.
    Thankful for friends laughter and smiles
    That lift us when we’re feeling low
    and always eases our gloomy trials
    and gives our days a glow!
    To help chase away the Febuary blues, I found a perfect picture for you! (if my link works!)
    CAUTION – This picture contains snow.


  16. nikkipolani says:

    It must be you sharing some of that cooler weather, Flighty! We are in the 50s and 60s this week with rain predicted about every other day.

    Love that poem from Daffy. She of the ever-lifting-spirits fame 😉

  17. Liv says:

    Hehehe, “rather windy” yes there was a slight breeze passing through town 😉

  18. Chippy says:

    Just a quick insert Mike if its ok, details of BHM’s memorial…


  19. Flighty says:

    Daffy it rained all day and most of the night here!
    Thanks for the cheery poem!
    That’s a terrific photo, I’d be amazed if I ever that close to Fox! xx

  20. Flighty says:

    Nikki I’m slightly envious of your weather as that would ideal spring weather for here.
    Me too! That’s her! xx

  21. Flighty says:

    Liv we don’t want a night like that again that’s for sure! xx

  22. Flighty says:

    Chippy that’s okay, and thanks for the reminder.

  23. Chippy says:

    Hey Mike and thanks…
    Feeding a fox entails pork pie, stillness and patience….
    get down low and offer the food without moving anything but your arm, quietly voiced ‘come on’ etc too… if you have to take a photo have the camera ready beforehand…
    Once you have done it once be aware that said fox will expect food from you… keep that camera handy!

  24. fraggle says:

    I’m hoping next week half term isn’t too bad Carrie-ann as offered to paint the fence .It’s not too bad here at the moment slightly breezy! x

  25. Fabulous says:

    very lovely poem. I seem to have the feb blues too. All the snow has melted and i have just bought a sledge. pah. x

  26. Flighty says:

    Chippy you’re welcome!
    I’ll certainly give a try once it gets warmer and I can sit a while without freezing! Cheers.

  27. Flighty says:

    Fraggle I’m sure that some good weather will be appreciated by all of us. It’s been sunny but cold here today. xx

  28. Flighty says:

    Fabulous I’m glad that you like it! Never mind it’ll soon pass!
    We’ll know who to blame if there is more then! xx

  29. Divastar says:

    Our local weather man said that a cold January means a hot summer, but based on your blog I think I’ll go buy some wellies and more jumpers for July! LOL Lovely poem Flighty 🙂 xx

  30. Glo says:

    A lovely poem adds some sparkle to February blues! We had snow and then rain today, sun and wind ~ I don’t know what to make of it ~ and I think winter is in a dither, too!

  31. Flighty says:

    Divastar it could well be but if it is then not too hot please! Anyway we shall see won’t we, and I think that we have to be prepared for all sorts any time nowadays! Thanks. xx

  32. Flighty says:

    Glo I don’t often feel down, and don’t like doing downbeat posts, hence the poem.
    I don’t think that we’d mind quite so much if the weather was more settled, regardless of what it’s actually like! xx

  33. Liv says:

    Goodness me, you must be feeling blue, you’re off your blogging!

    Cheer up Flighty, give us a smile 🙂

  34. Flighty says:

    Liv I felt a bit under the weather last Friday and Saturday but I’ve been okay since.
    It’s not so much that I’m off my blogging but wondering what to blog about!
    You’ve cheered me up, and just for you here’s a great big smile! xx

  35. fraggle says:

    I’m glad you are cheering up 🙂

  36. Flighty says:

    Fraggle thanks! xx

  37. Louise says:

    I have the February blues as well Flighty. My new job has meant no time in the garden. I feel very anxious about this fact, as come spring/summer the whole area will go mad! Thankfully I have found time to bag up last year’s compost and turn the heap. I have noticed a difference this winter, many of the pots I have had for ten years or more have succumbed to the elements. x

  38. Flighty says:

    Louise I’m sorry to hear that! Once the days get longer and it gets warmer I’m sure that you’ll find some time to get out there!
    That doesn’t surprise me as it’s been a long, cold winter. xx

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