It’s sunny today…

which always makes me feel better, especially at this time of year. Mind you there’s still plenty of snow around and I felt the chill wind when I went out.

This photo of the plot is deceptive as it was taken mid-morning but right into the sun which makes it very bleak looking.dscn0961

At least I could find the pond today!dscn0955

There were plenty of animal tracks to be seen.dscn0959

I walked home through the ecology park where I spotted a few birds – a robin, a couple of blue tits, a few magpies and pigeons – and a grey squirrel which I stood and watched scampering  in and out of here!dscn0963

As you can see the pond there is well frozendscn0966


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16 Responses to It’s sunny today…

  1. Finally found a few stolen moments to have a read of your blog – good stuff. You have a little more to look after than I do – and much more wildlife!

    I always think everything looks tidier when the snow has fallen and it doesn’t look bleak to my eyes.

  2. fraggle says:

    Our snow is very nearly all gone,and school is now open it did look pretty while it lasted.xx

  3. Flighty says:

    Northernwindowgardener hello and thanks for stopping by!
    Just a bit as it’s about thirty by sixty feet. I call it a wildlife plot and I’m happy to see anything there, unlike some of my plot neighbours!
    It isn’t that untidy but there is a lot of grass and plants under the snow that I left over the winter that will need removing sometime soon.

  4. Flighty says:

    Fraggle it always looks pretty but it’s a different story when it turns slushy and icy! xx

  5. Divastar says:

    Now you see this is what I mean about how your blog takes me outside, just looking at that pale yellow sun skating across the birdtracks and the pond in your photos, as it highlights the cool snow and ice, casting baby blue shadows amongst the crispy white flakes, I can almost feel my lungs exanding with fresh air! I was too tired to go out today Flighty but now I feel like I’m invigorated after a nice walk! Thank you 🙂 xx

  6. mylozmom says:

    Amazing how a bit of sunlight can lift your spirits isn’t it??


    Great post!

  7. Chippy says:

    Actually got some sunshine here in North Lincolnshire yesterday, made a nice change from dull grey!
    Looking forward to you getting the plot back into some sort of order Mike, hopefully the weather will start to improve soon!

  8. Flighty says:

    Diva thank you for such a lovely comment! xx

  9. Flighty says:

    Mylozmom yes it is! I second that! Thanks. xx

  10. Flighty says:

    Chippy a bit of sunshine makes such a difference!
    Me too, but not for a week or so yet by the look of it.

  11. nikkipolani says:

    Well, maybe a leeeetle bit bleak. I think I see potential because I know you’ve got dormant plants and planting schemes in the works. Spring will come and hopefully not too wet so you can be out there plotting away!

  12. lady_drid says:

    Great shots, my friend! I love pictures of snowy places…. I mean pictures hahaha Although I can’t bear melting under the hot sun in summer days, I can’t imagine living where the winter is very rigorous because very cold days are terrible too. Hugs.

  13. Flighty says:

    Nikki it still looked rather bleak this morning! Yes there is that but it’s having to wait for spring and better weather so that I can get plotting that’s the problem! xx

  14. Flighty says:

    Lady drid hello! It seems that that all too often we’re not happy with the weather!
    Take care and hugs! xx

  15. The plot is beautiful with sun on it! But I suppose it still feels very chill. It is nice to see it all the same 🙂

  16. Flighty says:

    Beginninghere it is nice to look at when it’s like that, but not with a chill wind blowing! xx

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