Passionate gardeners!

I’m an enthusiastic and keen gardener, and according to the dictionary definition a passionate one as well!  Be that as it may I would certainly call some of my lawn lounging friends that!

It’s good to see that even out of season, as we are at present, they continue to write good posts on their blogs whilst we wait for warmer, sunnier days when we can all get gardening again.

A new blog friend is Northern Window Gardener whose interesting blog Northern Exposure is all about window box gardening. This post is an excellent book review on Window Boxes by Stephanie Donaldson.

Veg Plotting is a prolific blogger who did this informative book review post  ABC Wednesday 4 – B is for… last week.  I was given a copy of  The Natural Gardener by Val Bourne by one of my favourite  bookshop customers.

Yolanda on her wonderful Bliss blog took a fondly nostalgic look back with My Very First Garden Book. This  delightful post takes us back to show how her  lifelong passion for gardening came about.

Georgie ventured out into her Little London Garden yesterday to start work on her new wildlife pond. As you can see her garden looks to be a lovely peaceful haven and wildlife friendly.

I mustn’t forget my rosey friend Nikki who has a passion for roses which fill her garden in Southern California. All too often the photos of the gorgious blooms that she posts has my nose twitching as I imagine the fragrances that they have.

Happy gardening to all passionate gardeners!


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20 Responses to Passionate gardeners!

  1. Georgie says:

    Oooh, mentioned in despatches. It’ll go to my head you know! 😉 Thanks Flighty. 😀

    G x

  2. Flighty says:

    Georgie you’re most welcome! xx

  3. Glo says:

    Thanks for the links ~ nice to meet some new bloggers as well. Well, I don’t know if I’m passionate about gardening, but I’m passionate about life ~

  4. Flighty says:

    Glo you’re welcome. It’s always good to find new blogs that we like.
    Good for you. I’m sure that it helps to keep you young at heart! xx

  5. Ellie says:

    I have to confess that although I am a keen gardener, I am also a fair weather one! Still, the snowdrops and emerging bulbs are enticing me back into the garden despite the weather.

    Happy gardening!

  6. Flighty says:

    Ellie you and me both! Yes it’s good to see them.
    Thanks! xx

  7. Divastar says:

    I agree with you Flighty, sometimes I can almost smell Nikki’s flowers too, they are so breathtaking, but the same can be said of some of your pics too, they makes me want to take a big, deep breath because I can almost feel the crisp, fresh air when you have clear gardening weather! xx

  8. Liv says:

    Yes, I am with you and Diva, I can often smell Nikki’s flowers too.

    I love gardens, and I like gardening with someone but I don’t think I could undertake a garden alone, as you do. Very brave of you.

  9. Flighty says:

    Divastar thanks! I’m looking forward to doing that but not today as there’s several inches of snow here! xx

  10. Flighty says:

    Liv my nose twitches just writing about Nikki’s roses!
    I sure that you’ll have, and enjoy, a garden of your own one day. Meantime you can happily share ours! xx

  11. Maureen says:

    Thanks for all the new links!

    I agree with Ellie (and you, flighty) – I’m a keen gardener, but I’m also a fair weather one.

  12. Flighty says:

    Maureen you’re welcome!
    I’ve just come back from the plot which is covered in a thick white blanket of snow! xx

  13. nikkipolani says:

    Hello, Flighty, I meant to comment, but completely missed the boat! What a lovely round up of gardeners from all over. Isn’t it terrific that we get such an immediate glimpse into one another’s gardens? I get to “experience” a snowy garden and anticipate tiny green fingers emerging from the soil… wonderful 🙂

  14. nikkipolani says:

    Liv, you are right about gardening with a friend. I’d putter about too much and get discouraged that chores can’t get done fast enough.

  15. Flighty says:

    Nikki that’s okay, it’s easily done as I do it myself sometimes!
    Thanks, I thought that a blog round-up was long overdue. As you say it’s always good to be able to peek into other gardens like this. xx

  16. Flighty says:

    Nikki and Liv I have mixed feelings about gardening with a friend as there as far too many distractions already. I think that I’d like to plot on my own but potter (or putter if you prefer) and ponder with them. xx

  17. Thanks for the mention – very heartening for a newbie. And now I have a burgeoning list of blogs to sneak a look at that will help me climb the learning curve (can curves be climbed? Oh well!).

  18. VP says:

    Just catching up with you Flighty – thanks so much for the mention 🙂 It’s always good when a fellow blogger points us in the direction of new blogs to explore…

  19. Flighty says:

    Northernwindowgardener you’re very welcome!
    It’s always good to find blogs that are enjoyable and informative. That learning curve seems to go on forever but it’s always fun climbing it!

  20. Flighty says:

    VP that’s okay, you’re most welcome!
    I always try to remember to mention new lawn loungers. xx

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