Fox Newton

I was at the plot earlier this morning and turning round after putting some bird food in the shed I was astounded to see Fox Newton drinking from the pond!

Later on I was where Fox had been and looked round to see this!


This was as close as Fox got to me before turning round and wandering off down the roadway.


What a wonderful way to start the week, especially after yesterday when it rained all day.


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33 Responses to Fox Newton

  1. Great pic’s Flighty… what a treat to get THAT close to Fox Newton. The ol’ town foxes are quiet brave aren’t they.

  2. Flighty says:

    Assortedpixels thanks! They are quite tame but the secret is to let them come to you. That is if they want to!

  3. daffy says:

    Absolutely fabulous! How amazing! I can totally understand how that made a great start to your week!
    You have took amazing shots there! WoW! xx

  4. Pete says:

    Hey, real nice photo’s Mike, you’ll soon literally have Foxy eating out of your hand as they are very bold, especially when there’s food around, I had one many, many years ago that loved Co-Op pork pies !!!

  5. Flighty says:

    Daffy what more can I say!
    It would be wonderful to get more photos, perhaps even closer! Thanks. xx

  6. Flighty says:

    Pete thanks! Lorna, one of my plot neighbours, was feeding one of them out of her hand last year.
    I’d love to see one that close and do that! Cheers.

  7. nikkipolani says:

    THAT IS FANTASTIC, Flighty! How fun was that! I think Fox Newton is taking a liking to your plot. Wonder if he’ll come back for another portrait 🙂 A great beginning to the week, indeed.

  8. Flighty says:

    Nikki it was wonderful to see Fox like that and even better to get a couple of photos!
    Unfortunately I rather think that it’s the pigeons that frequent the plot that he’s after so I’m sure he’ll be back!
    It most certainly was! xx

  9. Mildew says:

    That’s *so* cool! Made my day that.

  10. Flighty says:

    Mildew it sure is. It’s made my week and more! xx

  11. fraggle says:

    what lovely photos of fox newton,and a great start to the week, hopefully he will be back soon for his next photo shoot xx

  12. Divastar says:

    How smashing!! Top blog Flighty! 😀 xx

  13. Divastar says:

    Oh I forgot to say that when Bertie and I moved out of the family home the foxes made the most of Bert’s departure and used to sit on the flat shed roof, which was right by the kitchen window, and they would lazily watch my mum or granny washing up like it was a great tv program! LOL xx

  14. VP says:

    Great photos Flighty! Hope the rest of the week is just as exciting 🙂


  15. Liv says:

    Your elusive old friend is back I see – nice to spot a bit of sunshine too. But look at the way he’s looking at you – one false move and he’s off right? xx

  16. Flighty says:

    Fraggle thanks, and yes it certainly was! I hope so too. xx

  17. Flighty says:

    Divastar thanks, and thanks again! xx
    Nice story, and I’m sure that others have similar ones! xx

  18. Flighty says:

    VP thanks! It hasn’t been so far , not surprisingly! xx

  19. Flighty says:

    Liv I’m not so sure that it’ s the same one, and yes it was a lovely sunny morning.
    Too right, so I’ve learnt to keep still and hopefully let them come to me! xx

  20. cha0tic says:

    Alright Flighty, still reading, just not got a lot to say.
    I saw this and thought you might like it though:
    A guy who’s taken some great pictures of birds in flight. Maybe save visiting the site for when there’s nothing good on T.V.

  21. Glo says:

    Well, that title certainly caught my attention! How thrilling to see Fox Newton strolling through Plot 124 ~ as long as he didn’t have a frog leg hanging out of the corner of his mouth! Perhaps he was just checking to see how frog had survived the winter.

    Frog and fox once appeared in an Aesop Fable (#058) as follows:

    Hope the rest of your week goes as well 🙂

  22. Glo says:

    Whoops ~ when I put ( # 0 5 8 ) together the 8 ) turned into an emoticon… well that’s kind of cool, anyway.

  23. Glo says:

    I have another thought! Perhaps he thinks it’s the year of the F-OX and has come by to wish frog a Happy Chinese New Year!

  24. Flighty says:

    Cha0tic hello, and happy new year! Thanks for stopping by.
    The photos on that site are amazing…many thanks for the link.

  25. Flighty says:

    Glo I thought it might! I was so pleased to see, and photograph, Fox like that.
    I think that Frog may still be hiding somewhere, perhaps under the log pile.
    That happens with the 8 now and again…when it does it makes me smile!
    I wondered on your F-OX spelling until I looked to see what animal it is this year! xx

  26. Maureen says:

    Wow! I would love to have seen that. I bet you were thrilled. And great pictures, Flighty!

  27. Flighty says:

    Maureen I often catch glimpses of them but there’s been few occasions like this! Needless to say I’m hoping for more. I was indeed, and thanks! xx

  28. Louise says:

    You must have been very quick to catch Fox Newton on your camera. Every fox I have ever seen has always been very nervous and has fled at top speed. I once saw a family marching through the garden, I will never forget it, the cubs were just too cute for words. x

  29. Flighty says:

    Louise I was more lucky than speedy! I’ve learnt to keep still and let them come to me. I’ve seen various ones on the site but as yet no cubs, which as you say sure are cute! xx

  30. How wonderful you two met and that you caught him on camera. Well done you.

    cheerio, xx

  31. Flighty says:

    Yolanda I think of Fox as a wary friend!
    Thanks! xx

  32. lady_drid says:

    I thought foxes were dangerous… but fox Newton is really cute. You pictures are great.

  33. Flighty says:

    Lady drid hello! They are to chickens, but not us.
    Thanks and hugs! xx

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