Spot the birdie!

There’s nothing to write about on the plot today apart from the fact that during the week I was lucky enough to see and photograph one of the rather elusive dunnocks that I’ve mentioned previously, although you may have problems spotting it!


Next weekend is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and as well as  good weather I’m hoping to see a better selection of birds than I have in the past!  Perhaps I’ll even get to see something unusual!

Earlier this week this brilliant shot by NiC on his ever excellent London Daily Nature Photo blog made me laugh! There are plenty of other superb bird images  as well,  just click on browse when you’re there and have a look through the impressive archive.

Seeing  this magnificent eagle on the Natural Moments blog that I mentioned in Friday’s post reminded me of this wonderful poem.

The Dalliance of the Eagles by Walt Whitman, 1819 – 92, b. USA

Skirting the river road, (my forenoon walk, my rest),

Skyward in air a sudden muffled sound, the dalliance of the eagles,

The rushing amorous contact high in space together,

The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel,

Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling,

In tumbling turning, clustering loops, straight downward falling,

Till o’er the river pois’d, the twain yet one,  a moment’s lull,

A motionless still balance in the air, then parting, talons loosing,

Upward again on slow-firm pinions slanting, their seperate diverse flight,

She hers, he his, pursuing.

[This vividly descriptive poem was written in 1880 and is included in Whitman’s famous work Leaves of Grass. His style was highly innovative and influential, and he is regarded as one of the greatest American poets.]


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31 Responses to Spot the birdie!

  1. Chippy says:

    Spotted the Dunnock, got some up here too, also this morning while making my first coffee of the day I was pleased to see ‘me little cock robin’ has a lady friend, she was checking out the nest box but as its designed for tits or finches there was no way her plump body would fit…

  2. fraggle says:

    I can just about spot it,that is a very descriptive poem x

  3. Flighty says:

    Chippy I couldn’t even see it in the other photos I took but I’m sure it’s there somewhere!
    I saw our allotment robin this morning singing away. I’m sure that yours will find a suitable nesting site as they usually do. Cheers!

  4. Flighty says:

    Fraggle I hope to take a better photo than that which won’t be a ‘spot the birdie’ one!
    It is indeed. xx

  5. I finally spotted the Dunnock in your pic but it took me awhile. They have great camouflage!

    Thanks for the link, the dalliance of ducks 😉 made me laugh too.

  6. Chippy says:

    Very difficult to spot Mike, I’ll not spoilt the fun and tell you where it is….. 😆

  7. Chippy says:

    [spoilt] Doh!
    It is Sunday after all …

  8. Flighty says:

    Yolanda they’re not only well camouflaged but also very shy and retiring!
    Yes the duck photo is hilarious. xx

  9. Flighty says:

    Chippy I know as even I keep having to scan the picture to find it! Cheers.

  10. nikkipolani says:

    Oh that little guy is well hidden! And Nic’s photo brought a smile to my face — not often you see birds in formation looking anything but dignified!

  11. Flighty says:

    Nikki it’s the first time that one has stayed put long enough for me to take a photo!
    NiC’s photo is brilliant! xx

  12. daffy says:

    It’s like one of those hidden object games!
    The poem by Walt Whitman is simply brilliant!

  13. Flighty says:

    Daffy I couldn’t find it when I first looked and still can’t on two others I took!
    I had trouble finding the poem as well as I couldn’t remember the title or poet! xx

  14. Glo says:

    Luckily your title lets us know there is a birdie to spot ~ because he’s well camouflaged! Good for you to get the shot!

    Eagles are my favorite birds to watch here ~ fascinating creatures to see each day. The poem you have inclued really describes their aerial displays ~here’s a link that I found quite informative to describe this behaviour.

    The photos you linked to on your post are absolutely terrific! It would be wonderful to have the photographic equipment to take such closeup and detailed photos!

  15. Flighty says:

    Glo I’m determined to get a better photo of one!
    You are so lucky to see eagles. Thanks for that link which is really interesting.
    There’s certainly some wonderful photos to be seen. Yes it would but we do see plenty of great photos taken with quite basic cameras. xx

  16. Nice pic Flighty, and that Dunnock is well camouflaged. I’ve never seen one myself. Aren’t they called Hedge Sparrows too?
    We used to get a lot of Sparrows and Starlings in our garden but I rarely see either now 😦 great shame.
    I’ll be taking part in the bird watch this year seeing as I have some ‘spare’ time on hand.

  17. Ellie says:

    Spotted him! I’m not sure if I could tell if it was a dunnock or a sparrow though! A bit worrying for the bird watch survey.

    Thanks for the reminder re garden bird watch – I’ve put the date on the calendar. And thanks also for the link to the London Daily Nature Photo blog – I lost it when I deleted my old blog. The photos are fantastic!

  18. Flighty says:

    AssortedPixels it was a quick point and shot one before it disappeared! There’s quite a few on the allotments, and yes they were once known as hedge sparrows.
    I see plenty of starlings but very few house sparrows, both of which have decreased considerably in recent years sadly.
    Good for you! Enjoy yourself and I hope that you see plenty of interest.

  19. Flighty says:

    Ellie well done! They do look very similar don’t they.
    Enjoy doing the garden birdwatch.
    Yes NiC’s photos are terrific. xx

  20. Enjoying your bird pics and links. Love the photo of the two birds on the beach in deep discussion, “You said it would be warmer here.” E, M, and Sammy should visit your site today as they love watching birds. Right now they are all napping though.

  21. Flighty says:

    Beginninghere thanks! They’re welcome any time, and napping sounds good to me. xx

  22. NiC says:

    Thanks for Linking Flighty. 🙂

    Dunnocks are wonderful camouflage wise, aren’t they. I don’t think I’ve managed to ever get one to pose against a background that they might stand out against! My bird book also calls them Hedge Accentors which I hadn’t heard before.

  23. Flighty says:

    NiC you’re most welcome!
    They certainly are! They’re always on my plot but until now never when I’ve had the camera to hand.
    For anyone unfamiliar with ‘accentor’ have a look at this

  24. Liv says:

    I saw the birdie!

    The poem was an enjoyable read, very descriptive and captivating, yet very simple.

  25. Flighty says:

    Liv well done!
    I think that many of the best poems are like that. xx

  26. ip says:

    I still haven’t spotted it…age is taking its toll on the eyes I’m afraid!

    Couple of weekends ago I was in Glencoe, and having seen a wonderful documentary many years ago, Istill hope to see an eagle over the loch in Glencoe…but no luck again!

  27. Flighty says:

    IP it’s just left of centre and difficult to spot!
    I’ve only ever seen one eagle in the wild and that was some distance away unfortunately. It seems that we both live in hope of seeing one properly.

  28. Maureen says:

    It was quite difficult to spot, but I did (eventually)! It’s certainly well camaflouged.

    That’s a great poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  29. Flighty says:

    Maureen it sure was, and it sure is!
    You’re welcome! xx

  30. Flighty, I told the cats that you would welcome them anytime. They are very pleased. I expect they will try to communicate with you before long.

  31. Flighty says:

    Beginninghere I’m sure that given the chance they’d love to explore the plot, especially in the summer when they could chase butterflies!
    I look forward to hearing from them! xx

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